Roles of Emergency Managers

The student’s post on the role that the emergency management professionals play has discussed the qualities of the managers rather than detailing their roles. An emergency manager is tasked with the responsibility of creating a framework, within which communities reduce susceptibility to hazards and cope with disasters. An emergency manager should work to identify and anticipate potential risks, hopefully, reducing their probability of occurring. In the event that an emergency occurs, the manager should have a plan prepared to mollify the effects of that emergency. The manager should also have all planning documents up-to-date.

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Religion has limited relevance to the management of emergencies by professionals. In his paper, the student has factored in religion but in times of emergency, issues such as whether a man has one wife are of less importance. Qualities such as being trustworthy, self-controlled,   and sober- minded are necessary for one to be a leader regardless of whether one affiliates himself with a particular religion. In case an emergency occurs, it is the responsibility of the managers to organize all the elements of the emergency management system in their jurisdiction (Paton & Flinn, 1999). The local emergency manager is the chief advisor to the jurisdiction’s chief executive regarding the organization of the jurisdiction’s resources and cooperators. The common process to follow is to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and alleviate the consequences of major disasters and emergencies. In the decision-making process, each jurisdiction is independent but they need a guideline of what the expectations are.

However, the student has also discussed some roles played by the effective managers. He has highlighted the role of the manager in pre-event management. It is the role of the emergency manager to build a prepared organization with sufficient capacity and knowledgeable staff. The manager should develop training plans. Training plans should encompass civil protection partners, internal persons and contractors, and should state the nature and how often training and testing take place (Waugh & Streib, 2006). In conclusion, emergency managers should ensure that disasters and hazards are prevented whenever possible and they are well managed when they occur.

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