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It is generally stated that modern people do not read many books, if not compulsory, as our Digital Age offers vibrant alternatives. Even if you like reading hardcover or electronic books, you will not be very glad to find out that you have to write about some novel or any other literary piece. Contemporary people prefer experiencing emotions to expressing them deeply in writing. Well, bloggers and authors are exceptions. So, if you are a modern student, we can assume that you often have to read some literary works to produce reaction papers. Why then you open your browser and type the words “Write my reaction paper” recurrently? Don’t you have your independent opinion, is your vocabulary not reach enough to produce a response to a book, do you lack comprehension of a specific topic? Those questions are provocative, as we understand that expression opinions in the academic world can even diminish your creative freedom. That is why you hate writing reaction papers. The paradox is that professors often give you feigned freedom to create – while the opinion should be unique and yours, a specific structure of such an essay and word limit do not let your thoughts flow without restrictions. The particular structure instigates limitations for creative thinking. It is like making the poet write prose and vice versa. Of course, you may also not be an avid reader to produce good reaction papers. 

Such an assignment is based on the exhaustive evaluation of the subject. The way you analyze the piece will reveal the depth of your comprehension of the main ideas and themes. It is favorable to know how to create such response essays, as they will lead you towards dissertation writing, making it not so intimidating (logically, any major academic project gives a student the creeps). 

The following brief tips will help you to understand what you have to accomplish:

  • Do not forget to mention the title of the literary piece as well as its author’s name.
  • Clearly present the topic you should delve into. 
  • Jot down the main concepts and the author's purpose for creating this very piece.
  • Ponder on the supporting evidence to make your thoughts look credible and argumentative. 
  • Think how the most successful response to the subject matter would look like; reasonably amalgamate your own ideas into the author’s themes.

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As you might have understood, the main intricacy of the reaction composition lies in its peculiar structure. It embodies a fusion of diverse academic compositions, such as an expository essay, article critique, and even a case study. Although its main parts, such as an introduction, main body, and conclusion, are familiar to every student, they are presented slightly differently. The introduction of the reaction paper should be focused on unraveling a unique contextual background of the literary piece. The reaction paper body paragraphs delve into the ideas expressed by the author more deeply, presenting the prevailing reactions of the researcher distinctly. The conclusion of a response paper is discrepant from the regular essay concluding section, as it amalgamates the features of an article critique and an expository essay, which are further connected to the investigator’s personal opinions. 

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Reaction Paper Writing Help That Facilitates Your Studies 

Despite producing various essays on a regular basis, students may not realize the main purpose of the reaction paper they have to create. Such an assignment is loosely based on the researcher’s opinions, which are coherent and relevant. A reaction paper should not be confused with a summary, as the analysis of the author’s ideas is not sufficient to complete this task. The original ideas should be perfectly entwined with your unique vision of the problem or subject matter. Further, the professor will evaluate your insights, which will reflect the extent of your comprehension. 

The primary section of your composition must briefly encompass information on the author and his or her literary piece. Outlining the ideas found is always helpful, as you do not want to miss some crucial points. Using direct quotations is allowed, when the author’s idea cannot be paraphrased, as its original essence would be lost. It is better to leave out your personal standpoint in this part of the paper. The following section provides more freedom of self-expression, as you can finally reveal your opinions on the topic. You may choose to focus only on the principal problem or reveal clusters of smaller problems to form your opinion to the fullest. You can elucidate the connection of the ideas in the literary piece with the burning issues encountered by modern society or specific individuals. Professors are keen on analogies, so do not be afraid of making brave assumptions regarding real-life situations. 


More suggestions to make your reaction paper outstanding:

• Even if the piece under analysis is lengthy, do not skip any of its parts – you risk missing some integral points; 

• Express your points of view reasonably, sticking to the subject matter throughout the process;  

• Scrutinize additional material to find more arguments that echo your opinions. 

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