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Vision and Mission

The Kawasaki Motorcycle Company was established in the year 1963 after the end of the Second World War and the softening of its effects. The company was created under a larger company called Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The company was established with a mission that reflected what the company wanted to achieve in the market in terms of the products it would offer customers. The mission and vision statements of the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company are very good (Bacon, 1994).

First, the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company has achieved its present success thanks to its mission statement. The mission statement of the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company was reestablished in the year 2007 to include the social mission aspect and aid in the development of new ideas. This was done to make certain that the Kawasaki brand value maintained its top recognition through outlining the core principles that would serve as a guide to the company’s business activities. This was also done to include the value of customers as one of the most important bases of the company. The group created a mission statement that was, “Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet.” This mission statement acted as a source of motivation for the employees within the Kawasaki Company to understand that they were working for global customers, thus, ensuring that they work hard and produce the best quality (Walker, 1993).

It is important to state that the broad nature of the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company’s mission statement makes sure that the company widens its strategy of performance in the market and incorporates all aspects that help in ensuring that the company moves towards realizing its highest potential in the market. The broad mission statement provides the company with a clear picture of the market and future prospects that can be advantageous to the company.

The mission statement also ensures that the products are competitive in the global market because the mission statement allows Kawasaki to be a global technological leader with diverse integrated strengths. The mission statement allows for the development of a better working and business environment. In the mission statement, Kawasaki renewed its goals and objectives for a brighter future for the coming generations. The mission statement also promotes value in products of the company, as it is able to respond to customer needs and feedback. Moreover, the mission statement encourages the company to pursue innovation and originality, which ensures it produces the best quality bikes for its customers and aids in promoting the competitiveness of Kawasaki motorcycles in the global market (Gibb, 2008).

The mission statement of the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company ensures that proper management principles are adopted within the motorcycle company. This helps the company gain trust from its customers globally. The company has many customers who expect it to provide safe, quality, and high performance motorcycles that guarantee their satisfaction. The mission statement ensures this by employing a workforce that works together towards the fulfillment of the common goal. The mission statement encourages self-improvement through employment of professionals within the company who are encouraged to take the initiative to become the best.

Through its mission statement, the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company helps develop the world by acting as one of the major employers in Japan and beyond. It employs up to over 29000 staff in the production companies and thousands of other people who work in sale stores. Over the years, the company has grown tremendously and developed manufacturing plants in other countries, such as the United States. This is because of the mission statement that is a bright light into the future of the objectives and goals of the company through the promotion of expansion (Gibb, 2008).

Vision Statement

McGregor Genomics (MGGI) has employed some of the most qualified professionals and academics in the area of drug study and research. McGregor Genomics (MGGI) has also applied highly developed technological innovations in research including tools and procedures. McGregor Genomics (MGGI) is committed to ensuring that it cooperates with highly skilled researchers and professionals in drug research to create the best and most efficient drugs that can respond to different disease conditions and save lives. The company is committed to ensuring that it remains atop of the industry through professionalism. Also, it stays informed of the current drug-related researches and developments in disease characteristics. McGregor Genomics (MGGI) is committed to ensuring a healthy future for the human population all over the world by engaging in best practices and up-to-date drug research and trials by closely considering drug researches that are in the industry and their response to diseases under study.

Mission Statement

McGregor Genomics (MGGI) is an international pharmaceutical and research firm that develops high quality drugs that are meant for the betterment of people’s lives by responding to the most distressing disease conditions. McGregor Genomics (MGGI) leads the drug research and study field with its drugs that are used all over the world to treat disease conditions. McGregor Genomics (MGGI) has re-strategized its drug research initiative by integrating the latest technology in order to develop drugs that can adequately and efficiently treat the present disease conditions. Specifically, McGregor Genomics (MGGI) has several drugs in clinical trials that are highly promising for the treatment of serious illnesses, such as prostate cancer, hypertension, and osteoporosis among others. McGregor Genomics (MGGI) will continue searching for the best ways and use the best techniques to develop high quality drugs to respond efficiently to different disease conditions.

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