The reach of Imagination

Jacob Bronowski believes that power has various impacts on different human beings. He argues that it is only human beings who can imagine and that other animals don’t have the power to do so. He contents that imagination can only be explained when various arts and sciences studies are combined together. Either, he believes that the development of imagination involves images forming in an individual’s mind and then moving sequentially based on one’s past memory or visualizations (Jacob, 1967). He argues that this reflects the things we might want to happen in the future. He further explains that science and literature do originate from imagination itself. Experiments carried out show that imagination only exist in human beings and involves the manipulation of images and that other animals do not have the ability to manipulate images therefore do not have the ability to recall past events as imagination is a process of recollection of past events.

It is also argued that imagination has some power that makes people live many lives and undergo various situations within a limited time frame (Jacob, 1967). This does not involve the realization based on physical happenings. Bronowski further proved that Galileo’s experiments of falling objects actually took place in his mind and imaginations. He visualized about two balls falling from a height. This was aimed at proving Aristotle’s theory of various mass bodies falling faster depending on their size. The bigger masses were found to fall faster as compared to the smaller masses. Imagination is also found to be limited by individual’s own human nature since it is found that our past memories do fade considerably at a faster rate. These experiments have proven that without the existence of imagination, then the possibility of inventions taking place would not be there as most inventions do come from human imaginations.

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