USTRANSCOM is an organization that plays the role of providing transportation services to the United States Department of Defense. The organization owns all the assets that are used in the transportation of the United States defense officials. It is responsible for ensuring that international transport services are available to defense officials. The organization ensures that United States defense forces can be transported to the place of need within the shortest time possible. USTRANSCOM is responsible for managing funds that are meant to provide transport services to the ministry of defense. The organization is the only one responsible for facilitating mobility of the armed forces (Randolph, 2012).

The performance of USTRANSCOM has been appreciated all over United States. Information technology has played a great role in ensuring success of the organization. In the first place, the communication has become easy. This means that the organization can easily get information on where its services are required. Response to emergences is, therefore, very fast. This has been appreciated by the citizens.

Communication between military officials when travelling has been improved. Since communication gadgets have been fixed in transport vessels making it easy to carry out defense activities more precisely. With the improved IT, defense officials can investigate the conditions of a region without necessarily sending officials there. The reason is the aircrafts that can collect information can be sent to such regions. With the information collected, best response can be taken. Generally, IT has played a great role in ensuring success of USTRANSCOM (Randolph, 2012).

According to the article ‘Transforming USTRANSCOM:  Is USSOCOM a model?’ by Cynthia, the organization was formed as one of the strategies of achieving joint vision 2020. It aims at ensuing minimized transportation costs in the ministry of defense without reducing the quality of the services. Even though not all transportation costs are owned by USTRANSCOM, the organization is required to give the best response in matters relating to transport (Cynthia, 2012). The article also explains that the organization is required to provide both air, land and water transport services to the ministry of defense.

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