The two versions of Rock Island Line use the same works, the same style of performance, and the same movement styles, but they vary in their texture. It means that the quality of the two productions and the context in terms of the production period varies. The first version was recorded in 1944 while the other one was recorded in 1960. Because of the technological progress during those years, the studio quality of the former and later production is different. The later production has a very high quality studio sound, but the former one doesn’t. The tempo of the two songs is also different; the recording by Donegan is faster than the former recording.The Beatles increased the tempo of this song as to fit to the audience of the modern time.

Among similarities between the two songs is the use of guitars and drums to accompany the song. The two songs are also harmonized in many voices.

In the documentary, Kozzin describes how he met McCartney. The documentary expounds the beginning of their cooperation and start of a fruitful career.  

Tea Chest Bass, the special instruments, were not hard to build, and no training was required in order to play. For instance, the man in this video builds one from an empty tea box and starts to play.

The videos about American and British culture are very significant in highlighting the process of building the cultural history of both countries. Several aspects of these cultures are evident in these videos, and they tend to set a stage that influences the future perceptions of these cultures.

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