Research on Communication and Efficiency at Work Place


From the research, I have conducted on efficiency on how a work place should conduct its communication and objectives; I took a complexity on the issue to draft my proposal findings to Dr. Hill on improvement at work. In ensuring standard Provision of a wide diversity and togetherness is a major turn out to be focused on, I came out with the following research based on our work place.

The Problem

I came to a realization that we the employees at the work have not been continually motivated to ensure our work sections are actively performing its duties mandated. There has also a problem of separation among the workers making communication not efficient. I observed that the paperwork trail has been poorly handled due lack of good inspection, proper machinery to do it and stores to ensure record keeping. This intern has made accessibility of documentation hard and has increased much work to the auditors and record keepers. If the credibility of togetherness, communication, motivation and good machinery is looked after, I have a strong believe that we have not been performing well due to proper machinery at our work places. When these issues are looked into, we will be the best and will produce astonishing results.

Background of the Problem

Due to the continuous insolvency of the problem in question, it has created a huge gap between the heads of departments and their respective workplace employees. It is important to establish and bridge the gap between the members to increase efficiency in each workstation. By ensuring everyone has a good working condition, will automatically increase efficiency and yield results. A body should be formed to listen to the workers problems and address them out to the supreme body for solving the issues at hand.

Methods of Data Collection

In my analysis phase, I compared groups of scores attributed to every section of our work place and came out with the following data I from each station in our work place.


There was great a need for proper channels to be kept in place for proper storage of documents. There is a greater need for filling and numbering of files to facilitate easy accessibility.


On observation of how workers behave and address issues has poorly handled. There is a greater need to educate and create channels for passing of information from juniors to seniors and vice versa. In addition, motivation and purchase of work machinery will be needed to delivery of good work.


This helped me how people think. Personal will elicit richer and more detailed responses providing excellent opportunities to probe and explore the work at large. Good techniques will be seen when there are observable products and outcomes. Facilities need to be provided to every worker to establish speedy delivery and good results at work.


After my research, I came out with the results as follows. There is the need for good relationship between the employer, employees and the subordinate staff, as all of them need the other to work efficiently. This has the ability to yield good results at each area of specialization. Communication is the key role that is needed at work. Continuous education and motivation of members will increase performance. Paper work and record keeping is very important, every work place should be able to prove their work over past years. Good and proper storage in records is highly recommended ensure easy accessibility and good record keeping. Proper machinery needed for handling and doing different jobs, this has the ability of yielding standardized and proper work as expected. Communication is the key role.

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