The word photography is described as the conjunction of the Greek words which means the mark that is produced by light. According to the University of California dictionary, photography is therefore described as the process or procedure or the art of picture production through the means of chemical action by light on the sensitive film on the basis of glass, paper and metal (Cheroux, 2005). For instance, when we are to separate photography by tracing its roots to their source we will use OED, graph, that is also known as the “symbolic diagram”, that is used in mathematics and chemistry whereby the system connections that is expressed by circles or the spots, some of the pairs of which are colligated by more than one line in tracing the graph as suffix and we find the roots is Greek and then used in formation of an adjective of the passive voice which is written through the photo as the prefix that simply represents light.

Composition and light is an organizational photography aiming to encourage or inspire everyone towards the real essence of photography (Tanford, 2001). The main aim of photography is to ensure that it takes the viewers around the world, and explore nature and the culture in authenticity and value pursuit. One core concept of photography in nature is that it establishes a connection with the world or nature. According to Batchen Geoffrey’s description of photography, it is a sprawling cultural phenomenon that inhibited a virtual aspect in our modern life, furthermore, photography is the consistently reminder of history.

Artful and self conscious photographers are able to trigger an aesthetic appreciation and the arguments; this might touch the cultural and social issues thus provoking the philosophical debate. In consideration, the medium photography functions in the worlds greater images. On the conventional perspectives, photography role on art, and history requires revisiting on the personal and in particular on the institutional levels to the more accurately reflecting the increasingly and sophisticated interactions that are frequent with all manners of imagery photography.

There is a turning point reached with the regard to how photography is related to our daily life. This is nicknamed as the digital revolution; however, it is seen not to be the same thing. Photography is not only seen as accessible for being an activity, it also become more interesting and practical to the people, a predicted phenomenon by McLuhan a theorist. The numbers of images were increased by the people and enthusiasm whereby we always share them through the social media, underscoring the fact that photography is forging a new relationship.

As we witness the transformation of photography, there is implicit contract in images, viewers and reality. We can understand that photographs works, nevertheless, we do not understand how they really work. Most of us concentrate on the visual literacy, however, we always never bother to learn or teach them. We should always spend less of our time when focusing on the photographs with good and more time when focusing on the things that make photographs good and mostly how they work. This will ensure that photography becomes acts as a medium that changes everything through clear instructions. In addition to that, as a medium, photography gives out opportunity in exploration of the medium active role in the people’s lives and the whole world.

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