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If you have been looking for a bathing soap with a difference, then think of prestige aloe Vera (PAV) soap (solution for a health skin). This new brand which is manufactured by skin care beauty products, Boston comes in two forms: PAV for male and PAV for female. The new bland will ensure that there is increased sales. Initially, the company used to have two new bland: prestige for male and prestige for female. The two brand lacked aloe Vera content and this has necessitated the need to do away with them as the spokesman Mr. Ken states. The new brand is meant to attract more customers mainly married men and women whose age is between 35 to 49 years.

Manufactured from aloe Vera, PAV ensures that your skin remains healthy and prevents you from bacterial infections. This is because Aloe Vera plant has anti-bacterial effect on one’s skin. All the ingredients apart are natural. The soap is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria on your skin thus it is vital that you consider this brand. Just as its name, the soap not only ensures that you are respected but it also ensures that you are admired. This is because of its tendency to make your skin soft and beautiful. It also ensures that you are healthy. The soap is also enriched with vitamin D to ensure that your skin is healthier. This ingredient was lacking in the previous brand. In order to keep your body free from bad smell as a result of day’s work, the soap contains perfume which has been manufactured from plant sources. Recently, there has been rising debate on ensuring that the environment is clean. The soap has played that role as all the materials used in making it are environmentally friendly. When it comes to the packaging, there are the use plastic materials which are recyclable.

There is the use of plastic papers for packaging which can be recycled. This is unlike the other two brands where packaging was done using wood made materials. The use of wood made materials is discouraged globally as it contributes to global warming. The smooth nature of plastic material will ensure that the product is not destroyed din any way. The new brand also comes in new pack with all the contents used for making it clearly indicated. Package is attractive, reflecting the true nature of the brand. The male soap comes in a squire shape which reflects masculinity. It differs from female soap which is smooth and round thus femininity is taken into consideration. There is a slight difference in perfume smell but both are appetizing to the sense of smell. Both soaps come in white and orange colors with the drawings and this makes them the most unique when it comes to the choice of color. It is visible and attractive to the eyes.

Aloe Vera plant is also drawn on the packaging material, a clear picture of the importance of this soap. Unlike other brands, the price of the product is also competitive. It is sold at a lower price compared to other brands in the market. There is thus no need to worry about the affordability of it. The product has taken into consideration the desires of the consumers owing to the friendly nature of the packaging material. Packaging for the two soaps is done to ensure that there is contact of the product to the air prior to it being purchased. The packaging material is also easy to open. It is also light thus easy when it comes to carrying it. Wherever one is doing shopping, it is very easy to identify these new products due to its unique nature.

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