Various viruses can be transmitted from one person to another.  It is also worth noting that, they may replicate and spread hurriedly, while others procreate slowly and halt when their environment is not hospitable once more and they die. This brings us to memes developed in our societies, which are mental to biological genes (Aunger, 2000). Meme is an idea, behavior, belief or style initiated and passed from sender to recipient through a mode, for instance, speech, rituals and other imitable phenomena memes evolve at different times through natural selection of variation and is transmitted through behavior they cause in the host (Blackmore, 1999).

Memes evolve at different times and places, for instance, during tough period of economy, peoples’ developed a meme where they waste nothing and do not want anything. In nomadic communities characterized by lack o hygienic facilities, it’s alluded that one ought never to touch a person with left hand because an unfortunate event may happen. These affect ones mental thinking and hence erect a behavior (Aunger, 2001).

There are distinction, strategy and association recognizable memes.  In this regard, distinction meme is viewed in respect to naming of things. Strategy memes are the scenarios where a person believes by doing certain assignment and something in return happens, for instance, joking every morning for one hour makes your health fit. Association meme is a judgmental meme where the best reputed object is preferred over the next, like taller man is better than shorter man (Brodie, 1999).

Example in Our Society

In our society, religious meme is common where members of certain religion tend to mobilize the non-believers. For instance, religion that preaches the value of faith over evidence changes in the society against tools that they use to evaluate their belief (Lynch, 1996). In addition, they promise eternal life to believers and threat of hell to non-believers, thus enabling members to retain their faith. (Clawson, 2012). As a result, this is passed from parents to children through generations.


However, it’s recommended that we know our personal memes and to decide as grown-ups. Those we will retain and end in ourselves and our progeny, so as we don’t look like executors and riders of the blue prints of the past generations.

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