Information Security

Information security refers to the continuous process of protecting information from unauthorized use, access, disclosure or modification by any person. Normally, this applies to any information without basing on the form the information is in, being it either digital or physical. Governments, businesses, individuals, and even politicians practice information security for a common reason of protecting their work. Overtime, information security has developed a lot and was practiced in different ways.

This paper explicates the technology and development of information technology. Additionally, the paper reviews importance of information security in business.

Technology and Development of information Security

As stated above, information security is the process of protecting information from illegal entry or modifying by unauthorized people. Regarding that, it is vital to understand the working mechanism of the information technology and the development process that it has undergone.

Firstly, there exists the IT security that some people refer to as the computer security. Notably, computer technology is the practice of the information security but this time exclusively for the computer related devices.  Clarke & Sitko (2008) reiterate that initially, information security applied mostly on physical information to prevent persons from accessing them and interfering with them. However, technology has played a major role in the development of information security. The development of technology led to the widespread of computer use and this implies that most people and organizations save their information in the computers. According to Feruza & Kim (2007), the computer security, unlike the manual or physical security, is safer since technology allows application of various systems making it hard for people to interfere with the information.

Secondly, there is the development in information assurance. Information assurance is the technology that ensures that a person’s information is not lost even if certain things happen. Despite the fact that most people store their information in computers, some issues arise and the information is lost. The notable issues that might occur are physical theft or even natural disaster. Despite that, technology development has ensured that the information is not lost even if the computers are vandalized or stolen. This is achievable through setting up a back up site for the information.

Review of the Use of this Technology in Business

Firstly, information security application in business is ideal for authenticity. This technology works in business to ensure that any transaction carried out is recognizable and legal according to the firm. Additionally, it aims at ensuring that the persons involved in a transaction are the ones they claim to be.  Johnson (2007) confirms that in most businesses, people impersonate others so that they carry out certain transactions. Moreover, workers of a firm carry out transactions that are illegal or not recognized by the firm. This technology bars them from such malpractices.

Secondly, they use the information security for confidentiality purposes. Confidentiality is the practice of ensuring that no one gets an access to private information limited to certain people only.  Kissel (2009) affirms that businesspersons use this technology to ensure that their transactions documents and information remain confidential from outsiders. Normally, competitors try hard to get access to the business documents of their rivals so that they learn the techniques that their competitors use. However, most companies now use this technology to prevent competitors from stealing their ideas.

Thirdly, businesses use this technology for integrity issues. In information security, integrity means that nobody has the ability to change information undetectably. At times, employees decide to change the business transactions so that they get away with the extra money. However, with this technology it is hard since the management will detect it

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