Fear vs. Anxiety

Our lives are full of situations and circumstances that have different impacts on us and, as a result, we experience different emotions. Some situations evoke excitement and happiness, while others make us feel gloom, sadness, disappointment, fear and anxiety. Although we often overcome negative emotions, their impact on our lives may have lasting and profound effects.  

Fear and anxiety often come together, and many people believe that they mean the same thing. However, despite the fact that they cause similar symptoms, namely muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, and short breath, they are different disorders, as many psychologists underscore, and, therefore, require different treatment. Fear is usually defined as a feeling of unease or apprehensiveness in response to imminent danger, which is realistic in nature. Fear triggers the above mentioned symptoms, and the effects of the traumatic situation may resurface many times throughout one’s lifetime.

Unlike fear, anxiety is related to the feeling of unease or apprehensiveness when there is no imminent danger or, in other words, when there is no evident risk or physical harm. Very often, the reasons of fear are more detectable and treatable, while the causes of anxiety are more difficult to pinpoint, as they are vague. Those, suffering from anxiety, require the help of professional psychologists, as they are unable to cope with the symptoms on their own, and feel that anxiety interferes with the daily activities and communication with other individuals. Anxiety often triggers such psychological disorders as depression and personality disorders. In contrast to anxiety, people are able to overcome their fears without the professional help and they can define themselves the root causes of their fears, consider various possible options and live a normal and productive life.

Fear and anxiety are part and parcel of our lives, necessary for our survival. However, when there is too much fear or anxiety, serious psychological disorders are unavoidable. Thus, we have to stay positive, believe in good and enjoy every single moment, as life is too precious to waste it on worries, fear and anxiety. 

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