Do the South Korean boys like white girls?

Readers reading this story will want to learn a number of things about the story. To do this they will ask the following questions about the story. First question: what is this story about? Next, who asked the question and who was asked the question given as the topic? Then, where did the story happen? Fourth question would be, when did the events in the story happen? Lastly, how did the events in the story happen?

The people I would interview are young men of South Korean origin, white girls and witnesses to the events in the story. The young man of South Korean descent is a relevant interviewee because the story is about him and his feelings. He would provide immediate response to the topic in question. The white girl is also related to the story as she can provide thoughts and give her experiences on her interactions with the South Korean boys.

I would also seek an account of events from the witness view. A witness will give the story from his own perspective thus giving an additional insight to the story.

 The top part of the story would give the information of what this story is about. In summarized form the story would try to answer the question posed by the topic. My story gives an encounter of a South Korean boy and a white girl. The top would also provide information about who posed the question and to whom the question was posed. It will also show where and when the story took place.

The turn could occur at point in the story where a more detailed report is given. My story uses the following as the turn. 

Eyewitnesses interviewed gave the following account on the event at the restaurant.

Finally, the narrative will provide all more details of the events that took place that night. Here the reasons why South Koreans boys like or dislike the white girls are given. The account from the witnesses, the views of the South Korean man and a white girl will also feature in the narrative.  The information from the police report will also appear in the narrative.

Do the South Korean Boys Like White Girls?

Diners at Cascade, a Korean restaurant on Seventh Street were last night treated to a dramatic event when a lady stormed in and attacked her ex-boyfriend causing him bodily harm.

The lady identified as Carolyn Walter, repeatedly hit Duck-Young on the face with her handbag, bit him on the arm and stabbed him several times with a hair pin causing serious injury. A waiter who tried to stop the attack also sustained stab wounds on his forearm.

The police arrived in time to stop the situation from getting worse. As Carolyn was led away, she went screaming at the diners who were mostly Koreans, “Why? Don’t you South Koreans boys like white girls? What is there not to like? I was right, you don’t.”  Duck-Young and the injured waiter were taken to the Mercy’s Hospital for treatment.

The couple broke up three months ago and Carolyn did not take the break up well. She took up to stalking Duck-Young and confronting him to the point where he threatened to get a restraining order.

Eyewitnesses interviewed gave the following account on the event at cascade.

Chung-Cha who was dinning at the restaurant gave the following account;

“She stormed in a frenzy of rage. She scanned the restaurant and approached a table screaming at the man demanding to know why he, a South Korean man did not like her.

She hit him over and over with her handbag. Duck-Young, the ex-boyfriend, efforts to calm her down agitated her even more and she got more violent. She went at him with fists and used the bowls on the table and a hairpin (the size of a pen) as weapons.”

” Why are you choosing her over me?” she asked over and over again while continuously trying to grab at the man’s companion.”

Chung-Cha also said, “The waiter tried to intervene and she turned on him stabbing him twice in his forearm. The police arrived shortly after and took her away.

As they dragged her away she kept screaming at the other customers, “Why do you, South Korean boys not like white girls? Why? What’s there not like?”

The wounded were taken to hospital where they were treated.

Mark, a waiter at Cascade said that he knew the two when they used to dine at Cascade as a couple. Carolyn had mentioned on one occasion she was trying to answer the question whether South Korean boys liked white girls.

Duck-Young had this to say about Carolyn, his ex-girlfriend, “Carolyn, like all white girls is in love with the South Korean boy portrayed in the movies. When she found out that man does not exist she goes around claiming that South Koreans don’t like white girls”

Police sources state that Carolyn Walter has a record of three similar offenses in the last four years though she was never charged as the victims withdrew the charges. The disturbing fact is that all the victims are male, of South Korean origin and all had a relationship with her at one point. All victims stated that Carolyn had wanted to know from them if the South Korean boys really liked white girls like her.

Carolyn is to be aligned in court for charges of distracting public order and assault.

Carolyn admits that she told the breakups personally and she still insists that the South Koreans boys do not like white girls.

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