Buddhism Spiritual Therapy

Buddhism Spiritual therapy involves the process of meditation where one rediscovers his/her thoughts in a self - refection way in order to free the mind from pain. This type of therapy has been in use since the ancient times. It does not require the use of medicine to heal rather it uses tools of internal interpretation.

 In my research, I will have to ask myself; is this type of therapy effective? Do people recover fully? And what makes such therapy  popular? The methods I will use to collect data on this topic are:

  •  At first, I am going to interview people who have gone through this type of therapy in my locality to find out how effective it is;
  • Second, I will have to find out from the bodhisattvas how the therapy is done and the steps followed. Also, I will use the available materials to conduct a research regarding its origin, popularity, criticism and appraisal.

First, I will do my own research on the topic. I will identify the areas where the therapy is widely used, the culture of the people living in these areas, their beliefs, and ideologies. I will consider elements such as time taken to do the procedure, age of the patients and their gender, which will be independent variables. Other variables, such as the number of people interviewed, their recommendations and effectiveness of the procedure, are likely to vary.

I will use cameras, voice recorders and notebooks to collect data on interviews, while for the research part, I will use available journals, internet resources, and books on Buddhism. The videos and photos collected will help me in analyzing the data and coming up with a clear conclusion on which method works better, its level of effectiveness and recommendations.

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