Benefit of owning a gun

A gun can be said to be any weapon that is designed in a manner that discharges a liquid, solid, and gaseous or energy projectile. The projectile, as propelled by the gun, can be a free element as in the case of a bullet or an artillery shell. The means of projecting the bullet or artillery differs significantly depending on the design of the gun. This paper explores the various advantages arising from gun ownership.

Owning a gun usually gives individuals the sense of freedom. This arises from the fact that the government of the day designs rules and regulations that allows the private ownership of guns (Harry, 82). People get licenses that allow them to own certain types of guns privately in their homes. This gives them some sense of freedom as it protects them from the feeling that they are oppressed and denied the right to own a gun.

At individual level, the ownership of a gun enables one to protect him/ her and their families against the dangers of a physical attack or against property theft and damages from assailants and burglars. A case example is whereby a woman in Atlanta (USA) was closely stalked by a youthful man who threatened her life with a knife and tried to rape her. The woman was able to use her privately owned pistol by shooting the man thus protecting her. The man was later identified as a criminal who had an arrest warrant for rape related incidences (John & Hott, 21).

Gun ownership also has a psychological effect on people. The mere fact that one has the ability to own a gun gives him some confidence as it brings out a real sense of security. It makes one become aware and confident that they have a way of protecting themselves against cases of burglary and street attacks. One is therefore able to go about their business freely. Either, it gives home owners the confidence of investing in homes as they will have the sense of security brought about by gun ownership. This sense of security protects people from economic disadvantages that they would otherwise have faced due to fear of attacks that would prevent them from engaging themselves in economic activities.

Guns can also be used to deter crime form occurring. This is evident in the case of stunning guns that can be used to disable an assailant (Harry, 27). This makes criminals less deadly aiding in their capture and consequent arrest. It only works in situations where the assailant is either at close range or grasped. It does not terminate the life of the assailant but makes them helpless thus preventing the occurrence of a possible crime.

To the larger society, the licensing of gun ownership by the government and subsequently allowing law abiding citizens to have them at their disposal gives the population an assurance that they are not likely to become victims of government excesses. A case example is the Nazi in Germany where the government abused its privilege of owning a gun by meting catastrophes on its gun free people. Nazis were killed senselessly. If the Nazis had guns, they would have protected themselves from the government excesses (John & Lott, 20). Thus, the citizens who own guns protect themselves against government excesses.   

Guns can also be used by the state to protect its citizens against external territorial invasions. The government is able to arm its security organs with highly sophisticated weapons that they can use to repel any invasion attempts. This manifested itself during Adolf Hitler’s reign in Germany. Hitler decided to conquer other neighboring states that were able to repel the advances made by his soldiers in an attempt to protect their citizens. Therefore, the government uses the gun and other weapons to protect its citizens against invasions.

The gun can also be used to protect people from economic problems. The government licenses different companies to take part in the manufacture of guns and other ammunitions. These companies provide employment opportunities to various people. The people get paid and thus become economically empowered. Either, these companies trade in the sale of guns. This business becomes a source of revenue to different families who become shelved from the realities of harsh economic conditions,

Guns can also be used to restore law and order in other friendly nations that their governments engage in gross human rights violation and abuse of power. The guns can be used to terminate the lives of these leaders and new ones installed. A good example is the Libyan case where the tyrant regime of Muamar Gaddaffi was brought to an end by the use of guns. The citizens armed themselves and were able to fight government forces. Either, the leader was shot thus ending his rule.

In conclusion ,therefore, as much as guns are designed to harm people they become useful in the protection  of individuals and the general public at large as it ensures their safety either by taking away the lives of the assailants or any other deemed to be compromising the safety of individuals, society and the country at large

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