Texas Politics

Texas is one home which has a lot of people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and economic interests. Politics in Texas is driven in a way that not many citizens tend to quite understand. The constitution that is in effect was adopted in 1874. The executive who overlooks all information about the state is a governor. The governor is elected every 4 years. The legislature consists of 31 members and 150 representatives. The state has a mandate to select 2 senators. It also selects 36 people who become representatives. The politics of Texas was once controlled by the democrats, before republicans overtook them. Now, both parties have the same number of representatives in the house.

Various factors continue to gradually affect the people of Texas and make them get a clear understanding of who they really are. Texans are people who completely regard themselves as independent, materialistic, boastful, simple and determined among other qualities. These people also believe in the aspect of helping those who face economic difficulties. There are three basic factors that have become a popular case in aligning the politics of Texas with their current place. These factors include helping their population with whatever it needs. Economic liberalism is another factor that plays an important role in the politics of Texas. The government here has a complete acceptance of the economy of free markets. The other aspect that has played an important role in politics of Texas is moralism. These people tend to hold on to what they term traditional values. Good morals also help the politicians of this state to be where they are. These factors have become rather significant for the politicians of this state. They have been adopted well in the economy with reduced taxes and reduced government services (Green, 1979).

The abovementioned factors contributed to the current shape of the culture of politics in Texas. Politics is said to revolve around the government and the economy. This includes infrastructure, employment issues and technology among others. The government’s main interest, as identified, is economy. This is clear, since the government focuses primarily on the main economic issues. This aspect has made many private firms deal with politics because of the relationship it has with economy. Thus, politics has close relationship with the world of business. This relationship is a blessing, since the economy seems to prosper as the government takes care of all the businesses that are set up there.

Still, this economy is experiencing some problems, since there is clearly some sort of distortions in it and public interests are often neglected. This has had considerable consequences for the economy. The once booming economy is now facing hardship. The economy has started to slow down and the development deteriorates. This is fuelled by the fact that some of the state funds are not released to the appropriate constituencies and this, in its turn, leads to a crisis. The lack of income from taxes poses a considerable threat to the development of this economy. The lack of government’s commitment to raising funds, which would be used to offer social services to the people, also has a negative effect on the economy. This aspect has become a good ooportunity for some constituencies to gain robust development, while the others face dwindling of their economy. This aspect has also become a hindrance for the government to achieve all those long-term goals (Davidson, 1990).

The mandate of this government is to ensure that it provides and maintains the development of its state. This is not the case within the Texas government as there are complains about some of the services it offers. Education is one of the areas where public funds are not invested well, which causes negative reactions from the public. The other sector that receives insufficient resources is the public health sector. Many people continue to receive poor treatment. This happens despite the legal and most of all constitutional mandates put in place. The aspect that prevents this state government from achieving this dream is politics. Wealthy people tend to dominate in politics and this is what makes the economy dwindle. This is why the government has difficulties with giving the required resources and plans. The lack of funds that would help continue the plans set by the government leads to poor and limited services. This government should ensure that it finds an alternative to provide the required services (Kraemer & Newell, 1979).

The government should come up with a plan that would make it easier to obtain funds and to help the state offer quality services. This plan should be a legal framework to help awaken the economy. Thus, the funds obtained from the Texas enterprises could make it possible for new entrepreneurs to start their businesses, maintain and improve the already existing businesses. These funds would be effective, since the government announced that all state funds would be slashed as a result of the tough economic times. They would become a big boost to the economy of Texas as it has started to grow and increase.

There are areas where government has an upper hand. They include price regulation and other services over which it has control. There are various questions that many people have regarding this government. One of them is what power do the business and private sectors have in the game of politics. These factors have a considerable impact on the policies that are made by the government. The low level of services provided by the government is of great concern, while it leads to the slow growth of the economy in Texas compare to the other states.

Texas is one of the states that are endowed with many resources, such as oil, natural gas, different minerals etc. This state is also one of the leaders in agriculture. These aspects show how rich this state is, but the politicians in this state make it lag behind. This state today is inhabited with many republicans who seem to have the biggest control in the government.

The current rate at which the population of Texas is increasing with illustrates the political conflicts that will arise. The democrats will soon inhabit the parliament, though not without competition from the republicans. Those who vie for elective posts seem to use any agents and factors that will help them achieve their political dreams. The culture of this state is noted to unite its citizens, but since it provides the platform for political competition, it will terminate the unity of the people.

The aspects of how the government works to achieve better economy and how economic interests are focused on democratic institution are related. This relation will continue to haunt the economy of Texas. People seem to be driven by their interests and this is what kills the economy of Texas. The state also has given interests in public expenditure to a lot of industries and other service infrastructures. The government also has come up with the ways which will bring a better relation between traditional forces.

The current state of affairs in Texas is rather controversial. This makes the economy of the state dwindle and leads to a crisis. This unpleasant aspect requires from the government to come up with the strategy that would help improve the deteriorating condition of economy. This state, however, is influenced by mere interests, though the interests of the ordinary people have been ignored. Something has to be done to solve this problem and, therefore, to help the economy of Texas get back to its previously wealthy position.


The problem of politics in Texas is that its politicians care only for their interests. This should be changed in order to ensure that the state gets its fame back. Self-interests should be rejected by all those who live in Texas. The resources that the state is endowed with are used in the worst way possible. Even such rich resources cannot help the state’s economy because of the low services and taxes. Measures to eliminate this government and specifically those politicians who are greedy should be taken.

The wealth of the people should not be compromised by the interests of those who have power. This is an aspect that the people should consider when they are electing their leaders. The politicians of Texas, however, should revolve around restoring the peace and stability of the nation. This is what all the politicians should try to do as they vie for elective posts in parliament.

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