Minority – Majority Representation In Government

Question 1

I disagree with the argument in this question. With the coming of equality, people should not be favored more than others due to their race. Every individual, despite their race should enjoy equal representation opportunities in government. Racialism is wrong and it is unfair to exclude the minority from voting for almost a century. The assumption that the black minority can be effectively represented by the white majority is unfair. It is wrong to assume that an individual can be well represented by another individual who does not understand the challenges facing them. In the world in general, America has been having persistent issues with racialism. The whites who are the majority have always assumed they are superior to the blacks. Therefore, the black minority cannot put their trust in representation by the white. Racialism is also evident in the way the legislature drew districts with black voters among white majorities. The whites did not want the blacks to be represented in government and this was further enhanced by national organs like the legislature and congress. The blacks believe the white congressmen only represent the interests of the whites and they should therefore be given an opportunity to select their own black congressmen.

Question 2

Yes. Americans need to stay united, not according to race but because they are all Americans. Creating districts along racial lines further disunites the people of America. Just the same way states should not segregate public parks according to race, it is therefore wrong to redistrict voters according to race. It is also important to note that previously, voting districts for the Irish, Italian and Jewish Americans were created to protect their ethnic interests. For America, a country that believes in the doctrine of equality, it is wrong to separate voters according to race. All races are equal and voting districts that were drawn according to race should be redrawn. All Americans should equal voting rights, they same way they have equal access to public parks, schools and housing. Every single American should therefore have equal representation in government. 

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