A theory directs any practice, and is therefore critical to the field of health and social care as well. The provision of care that is based on theory helps to guide health care research in the future. Historically, the US healthcare system largely relies on humanistic theory. It emphasizes the basic needs of every person in terms of respect, autonomy, dignity, and individual rights. However, humanistic theory is not the only one used in the process of healthcare services provision. Thus, the following paper discusses a number of theories that underpin health and social care in the USA.

Theory-driven health and social care practice is best suited to address the multiple aspects influencing healthcare field. Generally, there are several theories that play an important role in health and social care practices. For example, the social learning theory, which is one of the basic health and social care theories, highlighting the importance of healthcare research through modelling and observation. (Lebihan 2015). Next, the anti-oppressive theory has also shaped health and social care in the US. It emphasizes the significance of individual rights and the role of social justice. The Maslow’s theory in turn classifies human needs by levels with basic needs (physical needs) being placed at the bottom of this pyramid. (Maslow’s hierarchy 2016). Hence, without fulfilling the bottom level, a person will not move to the next one. It is evident that health and social care practice in the US is mainly based on the social learning, anti-oppressive, and Maslow’s theories.

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To conclude, in order to provide the best possible treatment to individuals of diverse backgrounds, health and social care practice in the US is underpinned by several theories. Social learning theory uses modelling and observation for healthcare research. Maslow’s theory comes with the universal pyramid of needs. Finally, the anti-oppressive theory emphasizes the significance of personal rights and the importance of social justice in healthcare sphere.

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