The Importance of a Healthy Brain

A stroke has become one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Moreover, when a person survives, this illness always causes some disruption of the general human functions. One of such significant human features is emotions, and their loss can become a serious problem.

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The situation when a person loses the emotions could be the worst consequence of a stroke because human existence is impossible without that process. Everything that people face throughout their life gives them the opportunity to show their attitude. Someone aggressively responds to different situations, and others do it calmly. Besides, people always react to their deeds in distinctive ways. The important fact is that the varieties of emotional moments are the part of the contents of all mental processes – perception, memory, thinking, and speaking. Therefore, emotions have a special place in our lives and help us perceive the environment. In fact, feelings form throughout the life and constitute an integral part of a person’s identity. Since birth, the reaction to surrounding forms the general character traits, and a person lives to reinforce and strengthen the positive feelings and to prevent the negative ones. Due to this fact, the emotions of people always affect their lives and form their destiny. In a moment when people lose this significant ability, their identity begins to fizzle. In fact, feelings activate the process of thinking, stimulate imagination, and help fix the memories. Without these integral parts of human nature, people would become only a physical shell. Unfortunately, such people would not be able to feel that they are still alive because their existence would be empty. 

Therefore, feelings enrich the life of a human with some meaning. Due to the emotions, people always perceive the world around them. Consequently, this process has the most profound impact on the life of every person.

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