Aug 29, 2019 in Medicine

The Benefits of Health Insurance through the Marketplace

The selected blog describes the benefits of health insurance in the USA. Seeking health care at times becomes a burden, especially when an accident or condition strikes a person unexpectedly. Personally, I have never thought of purchasing health insurance earlier. Two years ago, however, I got involved in an accident and was admitted to hospital for two weeks. During my stay there, I had to spend $150,000. Unfortunately, I had not enough saving to cater for my treatment. Therefore, I had to get help and donations from relatives and friends to settle the bill. The incident was an eye-opener; I realized that I could get sick at any time. In, addition, I understood that I may not be able to pay for medical treatment in all the possible events. As a result, I realized I needed to buy health policy, since the major issue affecting seeking health is the poor uptake of health insurance ( Blog, 2015).

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Consumers within the health care system have certain general roles and responsibilities in the insurance cover. First, it is the role of consumers to find relevant information about the health cover they want to buy and to evaluate their payment capability. There are various insurance cover providers, and consumers need to weigh all pros and cons before choosing one. Therefore, one should consider a cover they will be able to pay to and the one that covers their needs.  Second, consumers should provide honest information about themselves to be able to receive premiums. Third, consumers should be aware that they may be susceptible to many illness; therefore, it is their role to purchase insurance. Fourth, consumers should practice positive, healthy behaviors to protect themselves against health risk. Therefore, customers should try to prevent health risks because they cannot determine when an accident will occur.

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