Today, great amount of people in western society suffer from obesity. Some people blame it on food, and some people blame it on stress, when in reality, according to preliminary study, it is both. However, during this study, researchers have learned that there is a possible way  to manipulate body fat. This will be a great aid helping people fight the obesity as well as help achieve “Barbie look” that has been showed through all the media.

As the problems of obesity and celebrity image have taken over our planet, people all over the world are looking for the ways to fight accumulations of the fatty tissue, and most importantly, to prevent these undesirable body modifications. Recent studies of mice and monkeys show that when on high-fat and high-sugar diet and exposed to stress, animals would gain fat twice faster as opposed to the group of animals that had healthy nutrition and were also exposed to stress. The animals, however, had no change in their weight and body mass whatsoever. The increase in body mass in animals that have been on unhealthy diet and were exposed to repetitive stress is caused by neuropeptide Y produced by their bodies in high volumes.

There are incredible and ground breaking findings that can help buld up the composits of fatty tissue in the places where it is needed and literally melt it in the places where it should not be. A lot of plastic surgeons are excited about the further trials on people as it will mean that the expensive and complicating surgeries on injecting fatty tissue in breasts and face will become much easier and safer for the patients.

The objects of study, mice, were divided into groups; one was on a healthy diet and the other one was eating fat and sweet food. Both groups were exposed to alpha male that symbolized angry boss or were forced to stand in cold water for an hour symbolizing northern European experience of standing on the bus stop with wet feet. The mice on unhealthy diet first accumulated great amounts of belly fat and later, they have been tremendously obese. When inspecting fat cells, the scientists discovered that they had high contents of neuropeptide Y, or NPY. Neuropeoptide Y has been discovered about 25 years ago. It was noticed that NPY stimulated enlargement of fat cells and production of the vessels to supply nourishment. One of the professors who was not involved in the study states that it is actually normal for the body to accumulate fat at times of stress for the future flight or fight response. The only problem is that we neither take flight nor fight these days much, so the fat remains and builds up within our body.

The whole research started simply with groups of rats under stress going on varying diets. However, researchers went much further. Skinny mice were injected the NPY pallets;  after some time, not only 99% of the fat remained, but the new fat started to build up around the pallet. Luckily scientists have been able to reverse the process. The obese rats were injected with the slow release pallet containing NPY hormone supresant. It slowed down the growth of cells, and the fatty tissue literally started to melt around the pallet

The study is highly experimental; even thought it seems like a great discovery that can change a lot of things, the researchers say that we should not get our hopes up just yet. In the history, there were many researches that have been providing very promising outcomes when carried out on animals; however, when it came to trials on people, theories would start to fall like the house of cards. Human trials are scheduled to start in approximately two years; until then, we can only hope for the desirable outcome that will solve a lot of problems. Stress is inevitably present in our lives and we have no control over it, but eating habits are something that we can control and influence.

Students are constantly deprived of something: sleep, food, normal routine, time. As a student, I obviously took the wrong approach to my daily routine and health habits. I always have not enough time for everything I want to do in these miserable 24 hours we have. You want to party and hang out with your friends. As a rule, the only food you can find there are cheap snacks and fast food. Furthermore, I have very little time for studying, so I start cutting the corners where I can. Often, the situation is the other way around;  I have to study and cannot spend much quality time with my friends. To get a little bit more sleep, I would wake up a bit later, and instead of cornflakes, I would just grab a Snickers bar to save time.  Some fate came upon the rest of my meals; I would grab something on the go not to faint from hunger and keep going.  I do not know a single person who would  not have been stressed out through the university; it is more for ones and less for the others, but stress gets to everyone. I get stressed out when I realize I have very little time to study. I get stressed out questioning how I performed after studying for such a short period of time and, of course, I get stressed before and after exams.  I did not mention above that I regularly work out to take the stress off and keep myself in great shape. This is because I simply have absolutely no time for sport. In those rare moments when I have time to go to the gym and spend some half  an hour on the treadmill, I am so exhausted from stress and sleep deprivation that I would rather sleep on it than run. After all, being physically and mentally tired is just another kind of stress for the body.

You can follow my steps, but I promise you, your wardrobe contents will not appreciate it. Instead of the Snickers bar that I eat in the morning, you can grab a granola bar that contaims less sugar and is healthier. It takes the same amount of time to throw salad mix into a bowl chop, add up some veggies, and pour some fat free dressing over it as to go to the nearest  fast food drive by.  Instead of snacking with potato chips or Cheetos, you can eat some dried fruit or nuts. It is almost effortless but makes great difference for your health. There is no way to eliminate stress from your life; I think it is a vital part of life, but quantities matter. If I get stressed out, I just start doing something that I love or something that I know will calm me down. My mind cannot even comprehend well when I am stressed. Ideally, I would advise you to work out a routine schedule you can keep up with. It will help you manage your time more effectively and improve your nutrition quality. On top of all, it will provide you with the ability to orient in time really well, and  it will enable you to achieve much more than you usually do.

It is up to the individual whether to control the diet and eat healthy or to eat junk food and later inject the pallets to correct the effect of the poor diet and probably self-control. Developing the routine, having enough sleep, eating healthy food and learning how to relax will improve your life quality, increase the duration of your life, and save you from unnecessary invasive procedures.

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