Rebirthing Therapy

Medical professionalism is an essential issue because it involves human life. Over the years, there have been cases of untrained professionals or quacks engaging in  medical practice without the knowledge and qualification required by the national medical board. The regulation of ensuring professionalism in the realm of medicine is therefore important as it facilitates the provision of quality treatment to people (Gracia & Woodruff, 2012). The regulation also has to ensure that specialists with required skills are available for the medical practices. The paper discusses the reasons why the states are restrictive on individuals responsible for medical  treatment of the patients.

The restriction ensures the availability of only qualified professionals in different medical fields. Due to the increased number of patients over the years, there have been an increased demand for medical professionals; this has led to the recruitment of people with no or insufficient skills and qualification. The states regulations ensures that only experts take care of the sick. The state governments are also restrictive to ensure the quality delivery of medical services (Aiken et al., 2010). The objective of every state is to provide high quality medical services to the people;  introducing restrictions means that patients will be able to get high quality care that will aid in the reduction of serious diseases.

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As a result of the restriction, clients will be able to access quality medical services. There will be a reduction in the number of patients since the advance care will ensure proper treatment and reduce the number of patients admitted to the hospital (Simon et al., 2010). However the restriction will also lead to the loss of employment opportunities for many medical professionals with lower qualification or no experience. The reduction of the number of medical practitioners will cause overcrowding in the hospitals and health centres that may cause inconveniences for the clients.

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