Professional Nursing Roles

Healthcare delivery has significantly changed due to introduction of the essentials of baccalaureate education. Nowadays nursing is considered to have the greatest impact on making healthcare delivery more cost effective, high quality, and safe. Besides, due to increase in globalization and diversity in healthcare system, it has recently received growing attention in order to ensure that high quality and safe care is provided to all people. To meet the requirements of professional nursing, there is a need to transform the way in which nurses are educated (“A Guide to a Baccalaureate Education for Nursing,” 2015). This paper will discuss three major roles of a professional nurse with a BSN degree.

The first role of nurses is being providers of direct and indirect care. In this role, nurses have to act as educators and advocates. To be more specific, professional nurses are required to work in close partnerships with patients’ communities, families, or groups with the aim of fostering active participation of a patient when it comes to making important health decisions. Patient advocacy is important for professional nursing. In this reference, nurses are required to provide high-quality care, show necessary leadership skills in the process of improving healthcare, and evaluate outcomes of their care. Since professional nurses work in a field that is characterized by advances in science and technology, it is a heavy responsibility of any nurse to understand the effects that these innovations may have on individuals’ wellbeing and healthcare (“RN to BSN and Prelicensure BSN Programs,” 2016). Today professional nurses practice a holistic approach to treatment. Holistic Caring involves comprehensive consideration of a person, including his or her emotions, mind, body, and spirit. Professional nurses should focus on recognizing the distinction between a disease and a patient’s illness experience (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). Helping patients to understand this difference is vital for a nursing profession.

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The second role of professional nurses is that of being coordinators, designers, and managers of care. This means that nurses have to delegate their duties to healthcare personnel. Well-qualified nurses also have to supervise and evaluate the personnel to ensure that all tasks are properly fulfilled. Since professional nurses are interdependent, they are responsible and accountable for ensuring that they maintain a professional image in their undertakings (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). Considering the fact that nurses are members of professional healthcare teams, they should demonstrate a good combination of knowledge, skills, care, and judgment.

The last but not least role of professional nurses requires members of the profession to provide high-quality service to clients. In this regard, nurses are responsible for forming a professional identity and accountable for their professional image. Therefore, nurses are required to possess strong clinical judgment, critical reasoning, assessment, and communication skills. Nurses also have to develop and demonstrate high values and ethical behavior in their work (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). Professional nurses should be committed to continuous lifelong learning with the aim of improving their competence.

Healthcare delivery has significantly changed since introduction of the essentials of baccalaureate education. Providing safe health care has become a responsibility of all stakeholders. Due to increase in globalization and diversity in health care, attention to it has considerably risen with the aim of ensuring that nurses have the necessary skills to deal with cultural, national, or other diversity. As a result, nurses have to fulfill three major roles of a professional nurse as stipulated by BSN; they include the role of a provider of care, a coordinator, a designer, and a manager of care, as well as a member of the profession and an advocate for a client.

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