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Nursing in Canada


In this article, I expounded on a number of roles as a collaborator, teacher, caregiver, counselor, client advocate, communicator, and delegator that any nurse ought to demonstrate in their line of work. It will be explained further how I displayed the competencies in the above mentioned roles in my former practice as a registered nurse.

Collaborator – in this role, I worked in close and joined forces with the rest of the personnel in care giving to achieve mutual beneficial procedures to aid in reaching the common good. In this role, I was in proper position to institute nursing actions in that team.

Teacher – as a teacher in my former practice, I was supposed to provide health education, which I did vehemently. The main goal of this role was to effect behavioral change that aimed to acquire updated knowledge and technical nursing skills. Health promotion and maintenance are given emphasis on strengthening this role.

Caregiver – as a care provider, I was entitled to ensuring support through action and attitude to portray some concern and ensure the well-being of my client. This helps the client to feel that he or she receives adequate attention and that needs of the patient are satisfied.

  Counselor – this way, the nurse helps the patient to cope with tough emotional, intellectual, and psychological issues. Personal relationships were developed and improved through promoting personal growth.

Client advocate – in this role, I upheld what I saw was best for my clients. This is where the nurse ensures that the patients’ rights are respected and kept to word.

Communicator – this role portrays the nurse as a helper. This way, the nurse makes the necessary communication with colleagues, the support staff, and patients to facilitate nursing procedures. This was among the most challenging roles that I had, because by the time information gets to the recipient, sometimes, the client or teammate may falsify some facts just to save their skin or for other malicious reasons.

Delegator – this is the main role that puts to test leadership skills in terms of interpersonal relationships that assist clients in decision making to institute and hit targets for their own welfare. 

I feel 98% confident to assume these roles in my new Canadian nursing practice. The first reason is that I have had enough exposure to them and now, I am well acquainted with what they entail concerning such management and leadership competencies as communicating, team building, leading others, politics, and change. Currently, I currently possess competency of team building. Thus, I am comfortable using it in the Canadian nursing practice as it is the first step to having colleagues to collaborate and achieve a smooth flow of nursing actions.

Attempting to affirm that patient’s requirements are met positively in terms of procedures, as a nurse prescriber, I expect to face a key barrier in this field. Given that I possess skills to assess, observe, diagnose, and communicate, this would go far in improving the time management, convenience, and mutual relationship with the doctors as well as my expertise while practicing as a registered nurse in Canada. However, most of colleagues in new places take quite a considerable amount of time before they can assimilate a new person in their lives making it hard to put in practice all my competencies. 


Applying these roles of nursing in order to gain trust of team players, I would identify leadership by example style which leads to the development of most nursing practices. I believe that demonstrating this effective leadership style as a nurse I would be in a spot to push for successful growth of colleagues ensuring that high professional nursing standards are maintained and eventually enabling the improvement of competence in practicing nurses.

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