Nursing Dialogue

Nurse: Ms. Fisher, heart failure simply means that your heart blood pumping power is weaker than normal. Regarding that, less oxygen is supplied in your body affecting the normal functioning of various body organs. Despite the fact that this is a serious disease, it is curable if the person suffering from it takes and practices advice from the medical experts. Notably, the four times hospitalization within the four months implies that your issue is serious and needs better medication and care. Normally, the congestive heart failure usually requires the doctors, patient, and relatives to play important roles in ensuring that the patient gets well quickly. Despite the fact that the hospital prescribes drugs to the patient, the patients themselves too are required to play some roles.

Ms Fisher: I would really like to know some of the important things I need to observe as a heart failure patient.  

Nurse: Firstly, heart failure is a serious disease and there might be emergency needs at any time. Regarding that, it is always advisable that one has someone who takes care of them. A caretaker is ideal since in times you might be in critical condition  you cannot help yourself. At such times, the caretaker would probably alert other people and they come to your rescue. Notably, you are widowed and your daughter is busy with work and has her own family issues. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a caretaker. Another option is getting a house help who would help you during certain hard times since you are not required to stress yourself.

Ms Fisher: Notably, that is important and I promise to implement them as soon as possible for quick recovery. However, would like to know more.

Nurse: Ok, additionally, hygiene is an ideal thing for any person suffering from heart failure. Heart failure disease is associated with its failure to pump blood with normal pressure. This also includes the issue of oxygen supply used for breathing by human beings. These factors are the ones that clearly show why you need proper hygiene. Proper hygiene usually ensures that there is fresh air supply in the room for breathing. However, poor hygiene creates an uncomfortable environment reducing the chances for survival for the patient. Moreover, proper hygiene represents both the environment and the person’s body.  

Ms Fisher: Well, thank you,I appreciate your advices a lot. Lastly, what about the appetite and general eating habits, what is ideal for a heart failure patient?

Nurse: Notably, a patient’s eating habit is vital. The food plays major roles in blood circulation in the body. It means that if  you do not have an appetite, this is not good for your health. The loss of appetite implies that you never eat or you eat rarely. According to your records, you have reduced your weight from 136 to 122 since you left the hospital. This is not good for your health and it results from poor nutrition. The body organs need energy to fight the symptoms so that you recover soon. However, with poor eating habit it only gets worse. Apart from that, depression is a serious threat to any person suffering from heart failure. The loss of your husband is sad but you need to find a way of overcoming the depression. This is achievable by indulging in various things that keep you occupied.  With proper exercise of the discussed issues, you will probably get well very soon.

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