Jan 12, 2018 in Medicine

My Health Beliefs

Health is something that most people choose to ignore until the day it is completely ruined. Nevertheless, health is the only treasure we have been granted since our birth and, therefore, we should treat it appropriately.

The majority thinks that there are only two shades of health which are based on whether a person is ill or not. My friend defines being healthy as being physically and mentally active and energetic. Furthermore, the absence of diseases and a thorough hygiene contribute towards maintaining human well-being. For instance, if someone cannot study or pay attention in class because of fatigue, he or she are considered not to be healthy. A person considered to be not well if he or she feels dizzy when they get off the bed in the morning. According to my friend’s beliefs, in order to be healthy you should not feel sick at the moment.

Meanwhile, health is a versatile notion. It involves the arrangement of the whole lifestyle in accordance with healthy habits. For instance, eating the right food, sleeping enough time, working out – each of these activities should be conducted on a daily basis if a person wants to take care of him or herself. Nonetheless, the absence of outstanding performance does not mean that the person is ill. If someone is tired after jogging for one minute, it is considered that this person is not physically strong, but he or she can develop gradually to become fit and more prepared to various sport activities, thus, contributing towards a healthier way of life. 

I approach a question of health from a slightly different point of view. In my opinion, mind plays a crucial role in someone’s well-being. Thus, illness is not entirely a physical condition. It is now well established that stress is typically a major component in chronic illness. Moreover, it is often mistaken as misplaced drive or poorly managed priorities. Therefore, it is essential to focus on this factor and try to manage it more effectively in one’s life.

Developing a strategy to fight stress is my top priority as I overburden myself very hard, and this creates pressures beyond the task. I usually generate my own stress, and as a result, I have experienced the consequences of always feeling unwell, incapacitated, and/or emotionally frustrated and short-tempered. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I am determined to formulate a strategy that prevents me from “doing harm” to myself.  Furthermore, I believe that the importance of the subject requires that I should be fully aware of each circumstance of my life in order to determine where and how I exceed my limits and cause my own stress.

Therefore, I consider that health cannot be evaluated solely from one point of view. It is a complex notion that requires a thorough examination. Various factors can lead to a change for the worse..  It is a well-known fact that a positive attitude towards the problem can cause a considerable improvement in the state of health. There are no doubts that hereditary, susceptibility to infection and even ecology affect the well-being of a person. Nevertheless, it is mind that controls the body and can cause the significant changes in its state. Health is not just the absence of disease but an entire harmony between physical, emotional and mental well-being.  

My health beliefs are based on a complex approach to the concept of health. It is pivotal to take into consideration not only physical indicators while examining the state of a patient’s health. In this context, my nursing practice is influenced in a positive way. From my point of view, such considerations allow having a broader image of this concept. In addition, the effectiveness of this approach results in a better examination of disease and detection of the vulnerabilities contributing towards more qualified help and guidance of a patient on his or hers way to a healthier future and lifestyle.

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