Eating Disorders

Psychological aspects of eating disorders are very interesting matter in fact. It is very important for all the people, since once or twice in the lifetime each person experiences eating disorders. In accordance to some statistical data I have found out that in the UK alone there are about seven million people, who have been affected by eating disorders, which have made people restrict their eating and therefore has led to abnormal weight loss. 

Sometimes such cases start with a very intense diet. Some people want to lose their weight so much that simply cannot give up their diets even though they might have already seen quite positive results. Sometimes a person gets exhausted with diets, and it is the right time to give up. However, the organism which got used to eating very little, will not accepted more food than it is necessary. The person may realize the need to eat; however, eating is not something the organism is capable of. The food is being rejected and the patient keeps on losing weight.

Moreover, our everyday psychological state inflicts our eating habits. For instance, there are numerous cases, when a person eats heavily being nervous or overexcited. It also often happens that a person, who is worried about something, cannot eat for a substantial amount of time. All the food is being rejected; no nutritious value is being taken from it.

Personally, I have experienced such problems a few times. I often had intensive eating "attacks" when being overexcited. I would have to move and eat a lot, ideally, walking about a room and eating something every few minutes. However, being worried or afraid of something, I often lost appetite for any kind of food. Although, problems caused by eating depend on the personal features. Eating disorders have got numerous sorts of diverse manifestations, and it would be wrong to say that certain eating disorders correlate with certain psychological states.

Eating disorders is a very crucial problem of the modern world because people switch to abnormal eating habits. In fact, eating should be nothing more but a regular procedure.  A person needs to consume small amount of food several times a day, but, the modern lifestyle makes people eat less frequently; therefore, they get very hungry by the time, when they start eating. . As a result, the snack is very heavy, and by far not all of the food, taken in such a perverted manner, is being digested properly. This happens once or twice, and due to serious reasons at first, because a person has got no time for eating. But then it turns into a habit of eating once or twice a day, and eating very heavily. This harms our health very badly thus this habit has to be addressed in a proper way. It should be noted that such habit is nothing else but a psychological matter, an issue, which can and should be resolved by modern psychological science, and, probably, it is one of the most important problems nowadays. A mechanism of dealing with this problem needs to be given to the people, since there is no other way to fight it. Besides, I would like to discover such a mechanism for myself.

To conclude, there are many more aspects which are tightly tied to the problem of eating disorders and which I would like to have been resolved.

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