Union Options for Employees

Unions in the employment sector are organizations formed and recognized by the government to represent the grievances of workers. Normally, unions come together to organize and negotiate the issues of workers with management. Their activity is important since it may not be easy for every single worker to face the management if the workers want to fighnt for their rights. Notably, some of the grievances that unions cater for the employees are raise in wages, better working conditions, equality at the workplace and pension plans. Regarding that, most workers have no option but to register in unions since it is the only way their safety can be ensured while they are at work. However, most employers are always against formation of the unions by their workers since they know it would be up to them to meet workers’ grievances or avoid them.

This essay analyzes the key significance of workers being under a union recognized by the government and employers.

The Importance of Setting up Unions for Employees

Apart from achieving monetary benefits, other crucial issues would be met with the setting up of a recognized union for the workers. Here some of them are discussed in detail.

Firstly, workers’ main advantage is their vacation time. Normally, employment rules in most countries assert that workers must get at least 30 days off annually. Despite that, most employers do not give their workers free days to rest at home leading them to exhaustion However, with a well-established organization union for the workers, they will be able to get their vacation. According to Hensman (2011), this is achievable since the law has already proven it and the leaders of unions would just have to pressurize employers to let the employees have their official right for the rest. Additionally, failure to comply with this rule may affect employers and this is the reason that they may have no option but to agree with the union’s demands.

Secondly, workers who are under a certain union will most likely receive better pension schemes than those who are not. Pension plans entail the money that people receive after they retire from a certain job. This money is ideal for the upkeep of the person and this is the reason why employees need better deals. Having registered under a union, workers receive better pension plans since the unions enter into signed agreements with their employers. Furthermore, the workers pension plan boost comes from the employers 28% contribution to their initial pension plans. Notably, better pension plans ensure that people who have retired from work continue to enjoy life despite the fact that they are not working. This is achievable only with the help of unions.

Lastly, the working conditions of all registered workers are catered for with unions help. Moreno (2007) asserts that the main thing that motivates workers to perform better at work is the assurance that they are working in the safe environment. Safe and clean environments lead to better outputs from workers. Accordingly, most workers who work independently are mistreated and work under poor conditions. The worst places to work are those where you cannot be sure whether the next minute you will be safe. This mainly happens in factories where there are dangerous machines and workers do not have protective clothes. However, workers under a recognizable union have some advantages and can be sure that they work under safe conditions.

In conclusion, workers unions are ideal for the benefits of the workers. Employees who work under registered and recognized union have more advantages than those who are not under any union. Unions enable the workers to gain certain things like monetary advantages. Apart from the monetary benefits, this essay has discussed other tangible advantages of the unions for workers. Notably, workers main advantage is their vacation time. Normally, most countries rules state that workers must get at least 30 days off annually. Despite the fact that some employers refute this, with a well-organized union, workers would be able to achieve this. 

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