Process Managing of Nursing Profession

If a person wants to become a nurse, he or she should understand that this profession requires discipline, devotion, and the highest level of responsibility. Medical knowledge alone will never be enough to progress in the nursing field.  There should be a proven direction of nursing activities and developed strategies of decision making that would significantly facilitate nursing practice. This essay will determine the most important elements in the process of managing the nursing profession and making decisions that positively contribute to the professional development and nursing leadership. In addition, the paper will prove that a nurse can be professionally successful only following the outlined recommendations. 

Becoming an experienced nurse with developed leadership traits requites hard work. To achieve professional success, a nurse should master the following skills and abilities: (1) the correct understanding of the nursing profession, since “professional nursing is a career to be managed and not just a job, where you “punch in and punch out”” (Coyne & Chatham, 2015, p. 186); (2) the ability to show professional “self” in all aspects of nursing practice; (3) the readiness to be mentored; and (4) the focus on constant education and lifetime learning (Coyne & Chatham, 2015). An important aspect of decision-making in nursing practice should be considered separately. It “requires a broad knowledge base and an access to reliable sources of information” (Bjørk & Hamilton, 2011, p. 1), since these factors facilitate the aforementioned process. Gokenbach (2014) provides additional recommendations, stating that nurses make correct decisions when they ask questions, know their team well, and stay proactive, because: “anticipating potential problems in a proactive way can oftentimes prevent the need to make quick decisions” (para. 7). Thus, any nurse can manage his or her professional development successfully and make correct decisions if she or he follows the set guidelines.

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In conclusion, the managing of professional activities in nursing and the making of leadership decisions that target development are complicated processes. If a nurse considers his or her work to be a simple performance of certain duties, he or she may not take into consideration the elements of the processes mentioned above. However, if a nurse is interested in professional development, he or she should understand that constant education, team work, an ability to be taught and to monitor, and a proactive approach are key to becoming an experienced nursing leader.

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