Operational Management

Waiting lines usually causes a number of inconveniences to managers and customers. Therefore, they frequently occupy the minds of the former. The paper under consideration aims to identify the psychology of waiting and how the latter can be dealt with in a psychological way. Apart from that, it will explain why it is important for the managers to implement these recommendations. 

The psychology of waiting provides that those who are standing in lines are usually not provided with the opportunities to focus on anything else but the line and the process of waiting. Thus, some customers might get nervous and set a negative mood in the line. Based on that, it is presumed that the managers should employ the psychological approach of diverting the customers’ attention by something else (Stevenson, 2015). It might include offering an in-flight snack or filling in the forms while standing in line, as well as the creation of the waiting environment more comfortable for the customers or providing the customers with the information that they might need or that concerns them. Such information might even contain certain advertisements as well as the data regarding the sales and offers. Managers should implement these initiatives in order to tackle the negative effects of the waiting lines. The latter usually result in the loss of goodwill, reduction of the level of the customers’ satisfaction, and even possible loss of business. 

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In conclusion, all of the consequences of the waiting lines may put businesses at peril; therefore, they need to be properly addressed. Thus, the managers are recommended to use the psychological method of diverting the customers’ attention in order to entertain them. This method will be helpful in redirecting of the customers’ focus into the stream that is favorable for the managers of the organizations.

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