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Performance management is aimed at guaranteeing the efficient realization of particular objectives. This type of management can specialize on the work of an institution, an individual or a department. Moreover, it can be related to the actions, which are the part of a product or service production (Pulakos, 2009). The application of performance management can result in clarifying job responsibilities and expectations, enhancing employee productivity, advancing employee skills through effective feedback and coaching, improving communication between employees and other benefits (Zaffron, 2011). The purpose of the paper is to analyze annual performance management from the individual perspective, as well as identify its positive effect on the performance.

The first step at the beginning of performance management implementation was the identification of challenges and performance planning. The challenges must be ranked in accordance to its possible effect on the organization, and its potential to attain its goals and positive outcome. My challenge was to cope with a specific task in a shorter period of time in order to start another project earlier and improve the performance. Moreover, the successful group work was a challenge, as far as it implies the equal involvement of all group members into the process for the best possible performance. In order to face my challenges, I consulted a senior manager to receive the evaluation of its impact. After discussion, the changes were implemented. It is evident that an ability to complete the work effectively and fast, as well as being able to work in a team is essential for further professional advancement and work performance. Ultimately, these changes proved to be effective in terms of individual and group performance.

What concerns the performance planning, this stage includes the review of the performance expectations. The expectations included in the plan were related to behavior which I was to demonstrate during the work process and the objectives and results, which were expected to be attained. It is beneficial not only to plan the deadlines and results but consider the behavior, while it can be disruptive in the work process. In fact, it was challenging to achieve this objective, as far as it is not always possible to control behavior, especially during stress situations. However, it was attained successfully and proved to be useful in controlling the emotions and interaction with other people. The desirable results of the performance included completing the project in time and increasing sales. The planning approach is an effective way of outlining the performance tasks, as far as it is easier to achieve an objective by defining it clearly. Thus, the objectives were attained, which made the overall performance successful.

The next performance management intervention dealt with providing feedback about individual performance. As far as behavioral and results expectations were already set, it was essential to discuss it with a leading manager and provide feedback concerning these issues. The objective was set to inform about the exceptional or ineffective performance, as well as personal achievements and contributions to the overall performance. This intervention can be identified as challenging, as far as it is a complex issue to identify your own performance and contributions. However, it appeared to be effective in terms of self-assessment. It is essential to have a clear viewpoint concerning individual performance, as well as being able to identify flaws in work. Without critique, it is difficult to improve performance and achieve established goals.

The final intervention was identified as employee input and it correlated to the one stated above. In the particular case, it took a form of self-assessment in accordance with performance standards. These results were compared to manager’s ratings and then discussed. In fact, this intervention was not successful at the beginning, as far as it led to misunderstanding and disagreements. Sometimes, the efforts to improve the performance are evaluated by a manager less effectively than expected. Thus, the alternative of outlining the major performance results was introduced. Despite the difficulties in providing self-assessment, it tends to be effective. Thus, it enhanced personal involvement into the process of results discussion, which is important in terms of improvement. Furthermore, the general understanding and acceptance of critique were improved.

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Despite the relatively successful objective achievement, there is always a field for improvement. Primarily, it is essential to follow the objectives established at the beginning of the performance planning. However, the tendency shows that a great variety of factors are disruptive on the way of successful performance. It is evident that this issue cannot be easily resolved, as far as there are always a lot of unexpected circumstances. Nevertheless, better concentration on the performance and its objectives is the key to overall success. What is more, the most challenging was the process of self-evaluation. Despite the complexity of this task, a performer has to be aware of the performance defects and be open to improving it. Critique can be defined as one of the driving forces of development (Nielsen, 2013). Consequently, it is extremely important to be able to accept the critique, understand the manager’s point, as well as being able to assess yourself fairly.

In conclusion, it should be stated that performance management is the effective means of organizational and individual performance. According to the analysis of individual performance management, it is effective in terms of enhancing employee productivity and developing employee skills. Moreover, it is beneficial in improving interaction and understanding between employees. Despite its productivity, performance management implies a variety of difficulties. However, management of these difficulties is the way of professional advancement.

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