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No. Mr. Goebel and his African American applicants were not victims of racial discrimination. On the contrary, more African Americans were hired than the Hispanic/ Latinos or Whites. According to the survey, 16 African Americans were hired while the other races shared 10 positions each (631). From the number of the interview participants, it would be generally expected that more whites would be selected due to their huge number. According to the numbers, 74 whites had passed the test and were eligible for hiring. However, Frank Clothiers employs only 10 of them, a fraction of about 7 percent. One would expect them to be given more chances than the other races. The 64 Whites who were left out were at a better position to complain and file cases that the other races. Dennis Goebel appears to be disgruntled since he did not even qualify for the interview- he scored below average. It has been revealed that he scored 19 points and Frank Clothiers only interviewed those who scored above 25 points (Mendieta 631). Mr. Goebel therefore should not have sued Frank Clothiers because he had not even qualified to be a potential employee. It would be valid to assume that Dennis Goebel had personal issues and by not qualifying for the interview, he got a good opportunity to raise the issues.

Yes. It is okay for Frank Clothiers to continue using Wonderlic in their recruitment process but they should not interpret the results according to race. Stereotyping or stigmatization according to ones race is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. No race is superior to another and all humanity is equal and should be treated likewise. Mental abilities of human beings are equal despite their race, ethnicity and gender. In educational institutions, they all study the same curriculum and are exposed to the same exams. In the same manner, treatment at the place of work, from recruitment process to job situation should be the same. The argument that Mr. Goebel would have advanced to the interview with this approach is not factual. Therefore, Frank Clothiers should emulate the academic institutions by grading the performance of all interviewees equally.  

I support position A. It is evident that there is serious employment imbalance at Purple Cabs business in terms of gender.  Purple Cabs, the Californian based company had 238 skilled positions but none was held by a woman (Mendieta 639). This is based on the language of title VII, which aims at ensuring both sexes are given fair opportunity to advance their careers. Nobody should be discriminated according to their gender, and both male and female should be equally represented. In a company where no females are given opportunities to better their careers, it is perceived that dominant male gender will always be at an advantage. In all aspects of life, social, economic, political and religious, both males and females should enjoy equal representation. The difference in performance between Mr. Jones and Ms. Harrison is quite minimal. They both scored above the required 70 percent mark and were therefore equally qualified for the position. It is unfortunate that discrimination still exists at the workplace. One interviewer particularly refers to Ms. Harrison as a rabble rousing skirt wearing troublemaker (Mendieta 639). This assertion means that even the leadership of the Company needs to change their perception towards women. Most interviewers are chosen from the top management of the organizations and they play a major role in ensuring gender equality at the workplace.

All humanity therefore, despite differences in race, gender and religion, should be treated equally. They all deserve equal opportunities in life. Tolerance is a virtue that all humans need to practice in a bid to end stereotyping and discrimination at the workplace and in homes. 

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