Event Management: Crowd


A crowd is a group of a large number of people who have come together in a given area. Moreover, a crowd is comprised of people who gathered to agitate or safeguard their interests (Shone & Parry, 2013). There are, therefore, different types of crowds depending on the purpose at hand. The purpose of the paper is to discuss the most dangerous form of a crowd and the reasons for this as well as elaborate on the factors making a peaceful crowd turning into violent.

Expressive Crowd

    An expressive crowd is the most dangerous. This is because an expressive crowd is comprised of people who come together to express either their joy or sorrow. Therefore, if emotional people in a crowd are not able to express themselves as they expected, they are highly prone to feel frustrated (Still, 2014). Moreover, the expression of their emotions does not follow a predictable behavioral pattern and can easily turn ugly with incidences of looting (Still, 2014). These traits make an expressive crowd the most dangerous form of a crowd.

Factors that Make a Peaceful Crowd a Rioting Crowd


    In most cases, people forming a crowd are united by a common ideology or the desire to ensure that their interests are safeguarded. Therefore, if they feel that their interest continues being ignored, it is easy for the peaceful crowd to turn violent.


Peaceful crowds also turn violent if an act of provocation is directed to them. In most cases, it is the use of force by the security agencies that makes people violent (Still, 2014). Moreover, violence can also be a result of a crowd coming into contact with another crowd that has a different perspective on a similar issue.

In-Group Incitement 

  In other instances, it is the action or incitement by some people within the crowd that leads to a crowd turning violent. In any crowd, there is a leader (Still, 2014). If the leader feels that goals of the crowd are not met, he can influence the crowd to turn chaotic.

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    A crowd is formed by people who are either agitating for their interests or brought together by a common ideology. An expressive crowd is the most dangerous form of a crowd since it is formed by very emotional people. It is also evident that a peaceful crowd can turn violent when there is a sense of frustration, cases of provocations or the presence of in-group incitement that influences crowd members to turn violent.  

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