Company Project

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the company is to create a better living environment, conditions, food for children with disabilities, homeless children and people old people who cannot read and write. To provide education and establish a better learning environment for children with disabilities and homeless children. To create better and healthy living environment for the homeless elderly who do not know how to read and write.

The company is dedicated to providing for the children with disabilities and the homeless children with a living and an educational set up that ensures a healthy development and ensures a better future for them. The company is also dedicated to providing the children with healthy feeding program that sustains their healthy development. The company is also dedicated to ensuring that the homeless old people are placed in a good and healthy environment that will ensure that their lives are prolonged by getting proper health care, feeding and shelter among other things.

The company is dedicated to improving the kind and level of education given to the children by providing more teachers, well-equipped classrooms and provision of learning aids. For instance, in math reading, the children with disabilities will be provided with aids such as panther math paper and stylus among other devices. Teachers should emphasize on visualization and verbal skills. The company will also introduce music therapy for children with disabilities. Music helps children with difficulties in seeing, hearing, mobility, response and thinking. Music contributes to personal fulfilment, language development, reading skills, socialization and positive attitude to school. The use of colors will help children with disabilities in explaining figures, drawings and illustrations by providing brightness, clarity and attraction. For reading skills, the children will be provided with picture books that have simple pictures and color naming. Sight words can also be used to help children with dyslexia. These can be emphasized by expanding their utterances and giving verbal praise.

For the homeless children, the company will provide shelter, food, clothing, health needs and learning materials, such as books. The children will be provided with all the basic needs and all other educational needs. For the homeless elderly, the company will provide shelter, food, clothing, health needs, tutors and learning materials that will enable them to read and write basic information like their names and be able to perform simple arithmetic.

Education is the key to society’s development meaning that all people have a right to education. Unlike the ‘normal children, children with disabilities require systems of education that considers their special needs. In this view, the company will provide education system that will include inclusive education system and special needs education. Inclusive education will be for those children with disabilities who can learn with the ‘normal’ children without much need of special support. This could include children who are partially sighted, those with partial auditory ability and those who are physically challenged but can do normal reading and writing. They will be provided with learning aids that can make their learning effective. Inclusive education is intended to integrate children with disabilities with those who are normal to enable them socialize and become part of the society where physical differences are appreciated. The special needs education will be provided for those children with severe disabling conditions and cannot read or learn on their own. Here, they will be provided with special teachers and aids for learning. This will ensure that the children get adequate and efficient education. The company offers this education system with a view that despite the complexity of the handicapping conditions, all children get the right to be educated and gain literacy that will give them a chance to contribute positively to the society. The company offers these styles of education because it considers all human kind as equal irrespective of the disabling conditions and should all be accorded the right of education. The company sets up the education styles with a view that all people become an integral part of the wider society through their valuable skills and contributions.

Vision Statement

Our company is based on the premise that all disadvantaged and suffering members of the society are entitled to help and support from those fortunate enough to gain the benefits of our present-day affluent society. Subsequently, our company is built on basic principles of solidarity, justice, compassion, and equality.

Solidarity means that we are determined to reach out to everyone in need of our services. We will deliver our aid and support to every disabled or illiterate person, to every homeless child who may need our assistance.

Justice is associated with the necessity of providing for the needs of our clients in a dignified and respectable manner. We do not deem ourselves inherently superior to the users of our services, as we maintain that each human being is entitled to the sharing of certain social goods.

Compassion is necessarily interrelated with the principle of the common essence of human beings. Those who happened to be disadvantaged due to adversarial social conditions are just as deserving of this feeling as the ones considering themselves “normal” or “common-sense” characters.

Finally, equality implies that our staff is determined to treat our service users as equal human beings rather than as the bodies in need of discipline and punishment. Thus, our company will always proceed from the principle of equal and respectable attitude toward those who may count themselves among our guests and clients.

Primary Use of the Service

The service is intended for three main purposes;

1. Creating better learning and development programs for children with disabilities

Here, the children with disabilities will be provided with basic learning materials such as Braille and other learning aids and be taught how to read, write, communicate. They will also receive mobility instruction.

2. Creating a healthy home for the homeless children and adults and provide food among other basic necessities

Here, they will be provided with all the basic necessities including, shelter, food, water and certain secondary needs such as entertainment facilities, a playing ground and exercises.

3. Creating centers for the old people who could not read and write.

This center will be used to ensure that the health needs of the elderly are taken care of including their social needs, such as entertainment and socialization.

Company’s Goals

  • To provide comprehensive and accessible learning programs to the disable and homeless children so as to contribute to their integration into the society;
  • To provide shelter and accommodation to the homeless children unable to fend for themselves;
  • To develop and present more practically oriented education programs for illiterate adults, in order to help them attain the proficiency rates required within the modern economy and society;
  • For the purpose of meeting the previous goal, – to create and maintain suitable centers for adult education, with a view of offering assistance in overcoming adult illiteracy in the USA.

Description of the Organization

Our company will essentially consist of 3 departments, each one dealing with the respective group of the company’s service users. Each department will be divided into a number of sub-departments pertaining to diverse aspects of our company’s fields of activity. Thus, the Department for Homeless Children Education will be headed by Mr. Edward Jones, who is a PhD in Child Care with 12 years of professional experience, as well as holds a MBA degree from Trident International University. Thus, he is perfectly capable of handling the complicated and intricate situations that are likely to face the majority of the homeless children being in need of our company’s services.

The Department for Adult Education will be presided over by my lifelong friend and associate, Mr. Peter Schwartz. As he possesses Master’s degrees in both Education and Finance, he will serve simultaneously as our company’s Chief Financial Officer. Knowing his lengthy and superior performance record, I am perfectly certain that Mr. Leonard Peters will demonstrate his impeccable credentials in the capacity of our CFO.

Finally, the Department for the Disabled Persons will be managed by Ms. Jane Triza As an expert in the field of Human Security and holding a PhD degree in this discipline, she may be considered one of the leading specialists in the field of human security, with over 14 years of working experience. Thus, one may be certain that the future of the company’s departments is in experienced and capable hands.

Company Resources

As of this moment, we have succeeded in developing our website in order to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information on the subject of our goals and mission statement. At the same time, we have recruited a number of specialists and educators who will be ready to take upon their professional responsibilities as soon as the financial resources is available.

The managers of the company will manage and supervise the activities in the company in the provision of the three primary uses of the company. The staff, qualified in different areas, will help in teaching, instructing, cooking, serving food, washing clothes, cleaning premises, providing healthcare services, security and offering guidance and counselling among other responsibilities. The information system owned by the company is meant to ensure a smooth operation in different departments within the company and with different stakeholders out of the company. The company has a large piece of land where the facility is built. The facility has a library, playing ground, classrooms, dormitories, offices, kitchen and dining hall among other resources. Once more funds are available the company will provide other resources like reading materials, entertainment resources and build other needed facilities.

Finally, we are proceeding with our new library, with the innovative electronic content and e-learning content having been integrated therein. However, as we are a non-profit organization, we will rely on donations from sympathetic organizations and individuals. Thus, it is your compassion and feeling of human solidarity that we value the most.

Information Culture

Our company is fully aware of the need to maintain highest degree of integrity and informational transparency. Subsequently, we fully conform to such principles already established in G-7 Finance Ministers (1998) as confidentiality, authorization to share and gather information, provision of information about systems, controls and individuals involved in the company’s administration, as well as that of exchanges in different company’s jurisdictions. We will continuously strive to uphold and live up to these core principles of financial transparency and control, to secure the trust of our clients, partners, and donation grantors. All the licenses required for running the institution have been sought and acquired and the company is fully accredited within the state’s regulations.

The company is also fully aware of the educational standards as required in the state and is committed to ensuring that all standards are fully met to ensure that the children receive the best education. In addition to that, the company is also aware of the health standards needed for such an organization and will comply with all the health regulations provided including hiring qualified health practitioners to work in the institution.

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