Classroom Management

Classroom management is perhaps one of the most important aspects of modern day teaching. It encompasses practices like developing respectful classrooms’ atmosphere for productive working, developing relationships, curriculum-centered activities in classrooms and motivating children to learn. Parental involvement is always encouraged too. Character development, collaboration, social and emotional development and academic achievements are therefore the goals of classroom management. Good management strategies are likely to make teacher's work easier by allowing them to focus on teaching rather than simply managing them, and this, in turn, will increase student achievement. As far as love and logic approach is concerned, it is considered more appropriate for student of Birth – Pre-Kindergarten students as they are less likely to 'reason' and associate their bad or good behavior with consequences. Teachers of all levels report that there has been a positive impact on students’ behavior, when Love and Logic as a class management strategy was used. On the other hand, children of Kindergarten to 3rd grade are likely to have developed the faculties of reasoning. The responsible thinking process expects students to take responsibility for their own behavior choices. There are, therefore, more chances that this population benefits from the responsible thinking process, as they can mould their behavior according to circumstances and learn from previous experiences.

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