Jul 23, 2019 in Literature

"King Lear" , Cordelia's Perspective

When my father said he wanted to talk about something important with us, his three daughters, I understood that the day would not be easy. However, I could not even imagine what was really going to happen. We entered one of the rooms of King’s palace, where dukes Kent, Glouster and Edmund, Glouster’s son, were discussing something vividly. In a minute, Glouster and Edmund left the room, and the face of King Lear became even more serious. We were ready to listen to him attentively.

Our father announced that he had decided to divide his kingdom in three, but first he wanted to know, which of the daughters loved him most. The feeling that appeared in my heart was awful and strange: what should I say? Of course, I loved my father because he was my father, but was that really what he wanted to hear? The first daughter to speak was the eldest-born Goneril.

“I love you more than words can wield the matter” she said, and those words sounded doubly and insincerely. She continued to speak about her love, and every word sounded even more falsely than the previous one. She described her love as “love that makes breath poor and speech unable”. And what should I do? Love, and be silent…

Obviously, our father was satisfied with such an answer, and confirmed his decision to give one third of the kingdom to Goneril and her husband, duke Albany. Then the turn of Regan came, and she began to talk about the strength of her feelings. The situation was the same.

“I am alone facilitating in your dear highness’ love” she finished, and I realized that my sisters were different from me, since my love was richer than my tongue. King Lear liked the answer of Regan as well.

When the father asked me about my feelings, I had nothing to say. I said the truth: “I love your majesty according to my bond; nor more nor less”. Those words were not the ones he wanted to hear from me, but I could not say anything else except that. King Lear called me untender and disclaimed all his parental care. Those words were worse than an attack, but I kept silence and controlled my emotions. Finally, that was his decision. I believe that the poor are not those who do not have a part of kingdom, but those who speak not what they think or feel. 

Duke Kent supported me, but I was silent. Actually, my emotions were so strong and hurt me so much that I heard nothing. Duke Kent tried to put King Lear up to reality and, as a result, ran into his displeasure too. I felt lonely and confused. Fortunately, the King of France, one of my would-be husbands, turned out to be sincere and noble. He understood everything the way I thought and that was the man I wanted to marry. With best wishes to my unfair sisters, we left the room, palace, and country in order to be happy far away.

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