Organized Crimes

The organized crimes have become rampant and they are more complex than ever. They are posing problems to the police force; these organized groups have employed means and method of out witting the police. In America the organized groups have widen their engagement and broaden their activities which has made impossible to crack. They have also devised complicated strategies to outdo police assault. These illicit groups have also managed to use technology to carry out their crimes as they use the technology to do money laundering. With new technology the trade barriers between nations have reduce, the use of internet and money transfer electronically has benefitted organized groups because they are able to perform their crimes without causing confrontation or a scene. The organized groups are currently using the expanding technology; they are using technology to perform illegal crimes such as intrusion into databases of banks and corporate organizations.

Background of research

This research about organized groups aims at exploring the activities of these groups and how they have organized themselves. Over recent years, many countries have witnessed rise in the number of crimes. These crimes had a feature that characterized most of them in that they perform their illegal crimes in clinical manner. This indicates that they are organized groups who plan their crimes before engaging. Shockingly, the police have had difficulty in netting these criminals because they have gone hi tech in their activities. They use precise and accurate methods to perform crimes. This trend in criminology has led to study of this research which aims to shed light on the activities of organized crimes and show how they carry out their activities.


In studying about organized crimes, many methods were employed to achieve results. One of the methods used is studying the publications and print documents that have focus on organized crimes; these articles include dailies like newspapers, and journals. There are also books that have been written about criminology and criminal justices, these articles give insight on the activities of the illicit groups. Apart from books and other publications, government reports were also utilized in studying about crimes. These reports provide adequate, accurate, and credible information about criminal activities. The article also employed interviews as one of the methods of collecting. Here, many people were interviewed about their take on the organized crimes, and those targeted in the interviews are victims of crime and those who were initially part of organization of crime. The members of police department were targeted; they were to give insight about the organized group. The sample interviews are studied and observations and inference are made, the analysis is conducted against the outcomes of the research and evidence in print media and data collected through interviews. When the two data have been collected and studied, assumptions are made and final concluding remarks are made. The effectiveness of these methods depend on the accuracy of the results obtain from interviews; the data collected is studied proper so that correct inference is made (Vander, 138).

Results of the research

One of the results of the research is measuring of organized crimes. The research is able to give way of measuring the crime and provide means of grouping the crimes. The crimes were grouped according to the consequences that they caused in the society. They were group into many categories; there are crimes such as organized robbery and organized youth gangs, the politically motivated crimes among others. When interviewees are asked how police department rate organized crimes, they maintained that measure of crime is base on risk involve. The findings of research point how that there is different categories of crime, there are many ways of rating a crime, different countries in the world have specific way of measuring a crime rate. For instance, some countries measure regarding the extend of the activities, type of criminal activity, level of technologies applied, level of their infiltration into economic, social and activities of people, complexity of the structure and other ways.

Limitation of the research

The research methods used to attain this article had shortcomings. One of the limitations is that the information obtained through interviews and questionnaires may not be accurate. Many people in society who were interviewed did have any experience about organized crimes. Most of them did not have prior knowledge of the organized groups; they gave responses which are not authoritative and actual. The research also based its facts on the other print media which may not be accurate, because some of the sources were written under different context. For instance, some were written when the level of technology was still low, currently the criminals are adopting the use of new technologies to perform crimes. So the use of some of the written materials did not capture the current contexts.

My opinion on research

The way research was conducted was good despite few limitations. The researchers were able to address the problem of organized groups; they are able to come up ways of rating crime. It is important to regularly conduct research based of the previous one to come up with clear understanding o what is on the ground. Therefore the research under discussion can become a basis of research to be conducted I future. 

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