Criminal Justice: Terrorism

In the world created by God, there are good and bad people. There are people who do not have any regard for human life, people who commit crime without having mercy on those to be affected. All they are criminals and have no place in the society. Terrorism has led to huge impacts on security operations. It has also led to deaths of many people. 11thof September in the year 2001 is a day in the world history when terrorism had its hand in the United States of America in the city of New York (Andrew, 2006).

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The terrorists seized four airplanes that were transporting passengers. The terrorist attacks led to the death of approximately 3000 people including all the passengers in the plane and the uncouth hijackers. As a result of the attack, more than 6000 people were injured. One of the planes crashed into the Pentagon. A small fraction of the Pentagon collapsed. Two of the planes crashed in two tower buildings while the last one crashed in the open field after the passengers subdued the terrorists (Harvey, 2003).

The attack caught the government unawares, and security was breached. The attacks also had an impact on security operations as Pentagon was hit by the terrorist group. If the security personnel in the airport had conducted some thorough security check-ups, the terrorist attacks would not have occurred. The terrorist attacks were, however, a wakeup call to all security agencies and security operations all over the world and more so in America (Noam, 2006).


Terrorism has had a big impact on security. It has adversely led to security breaches and deaths of thousands of people all over the world. September 11, as it is commonly known, is a day in the history that is still vivid in our minds. It had huge impacts on security operations, and it also opened up a new chapter in the fight against terrorism. Security measures were taken to counter such terrorism attacks from occurring again.

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