Jan 12, 2018 in Law

Attorneys as Third Parties

An Attorney is a person, who has the power to give legal advice or practice law, and can practice all the duties of a lawyer. There are various roles that an attorney can play; one of them is to represent people, who are not financially fit to hire their own attorney, and these attorneys can be referred to as public defenders. Public defenders are effective, and they have successfully represented many U.S. citizens arrested for committing various criminal offences to have their charges reduced or released on bail.

Public defenders are reliable, and they ensure that they prepare enough information resources that will be useful in representing their clients effectively in the court of law, even if they know their clients may be guilty. They are not cruel to their clients, and this makes it easy for them to get relevant information that can be used to defend the clients in court. On the other hand, their clients may not be honest, while giving information to the attorney, making it difficult in trying to prove their innocence in court. Also, the clients in most cases are poor, and this may be the reason as to why they engage in criminal activities (Smith, 2006).

Public defendants have changed the legal system in the United States as it has aided in the release of poor American citizens, who were unlawfully arrested.  However, there is a need to recruit more public defenders as there are lots of workloads, and this makes it difficult for the attorneys to have enough time to meet with their clients, so as to prepare their cases adequately. Also, it is crucial to increase their allowances as this will motivate them even if they have many clients to represent (Skogan, 1990). Inexperienced and uncaring public defendant should not be allowed to represent clients as they may end up losing most of the cases.    

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