Web Critique

The design if a website can be complicated in a depictive manner, as it entails achieving a design that is both practical and pleasant, conveys information and constructs brand, is technically reasonable and visually logical. The main feature of a typical Web design is the principle and guideline of accessibility. In order for a website to be following the principles and guidelines of a web design, it needs to have a good navigation system as it is a crucial component of a successful website. A rationally organized and consistent navigation system will assist the users to comfortably find the way through the website. Below are two websites, one that has followed the Web design principles and guidelines and the other one that has violated the Web design principles and guidelines.


This is an example of a website that meets the principles and guidelines required in designing of a website. This is most importantly because of site layout of this website, first, it strive for consistency in its background plus the color schemes. Second, the website has provided additional links of helpful links thus creating multiple ways of for the user to navigate through the page. Finally, the information on this page is direct as the users do not have to click so many times to get the content that they need.


This is the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission web site; this websites basically violates the ease of navigation and accessibility principles and guidelines. There have been more frustrating feelings San Francisco users of the above site  that log in to the site with positive hopes of finding  the desired piece of information and log out the site not long after when they find nothing worth interest. In addition, this website is not always accessible over the internet. As a result, this website has been sued by several citizens in the United States as it’s not accessible to its users. 

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