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Tourism Ethic Debate

Nowadays all included tourism is  widespread and extremely popular. The term “all included” appeared quite recently and means the service system, under which a food, drinks (most often local of production) and many types of service don't necessitate any additional payment. For the first time this type of service was offered by the French company Club Med,  the leading  international travel agency, offering catering services  globally.

After a while this type of rest found a great number of admirers from different countries. Moreover, there is an urgent need to emphasize the fact that it practically impossible to identify a specific age group, which prefers this exceedingly convenient way to spend holidays.  Naturally it’s obvious to assume that “all included” system is more suitable for the OAPs , who prefer not to have additional worries during their holidays. Such people are more inclined to exercise up-front payment for all services, including the transfer, residence, food, drinks and for additional facilities, which are specified in voucher, issued by tourist agencies. Purchasers don’t need to worry about the extra payments, even for the medical services, because the insurance is generally covered by the package .  In addition the chosen hotel has the secured territory where the entrance to strangers is prohibited, so you can enjoy the trip without any fears. That’s why such way of spending holidays is highly popular among large families, especially with small children.

In the upcoming sections the above mentioned opinion concerning the success of such type of vacation will be discussed, all pro and contra arguments are analyzed. The key    argument is  whether all included holidays are a successful type of tourism that supports the local economy and welfare of local people or they detriment the local economy and the need s of the residents.

The Advantages of the Policy

In this part of the work the motion concerning the successfulness of all included system will find its justification. The main arguments will be analyzed using the relevant theories.

First and foremost it should be mentioned that the all included type of tourism is the conventional and well-known. Thousands people around the whole world choose this way of having rest because of its indisputable advantages. But even its popularity and continuous utilization  proves that the usage of this type is acceptable for all interested parties: vacationers, tourist agencies and state governments.

As for the holiday-makers, it should be necessarily mentioned that all included system is the simplest way to spend magnificent holidays without any troubles. The one pays for whole services in advance and you don’t need to worry about daily food costs. In hotels’ bars, cafe and restaurants it is possible to order any dishes and drinks in unlimited number, there is fresh fruits and natural juice, that is especially convenient for those who has a rest with all family. Besides ,it isn’t required to pay for the medical services, because almost all accidents are covered by an insurance which is attached to offered tour. Ordering the package holiday the person can be can be sure that it is in safeguarded, because the travel agency is responsible for the services the whole holiday period,  accorded with the customer.

With regard to the advantages of the travel agencies, it should be taken into consideration that such type of tourism is obviously more profitable.  The simplest way to obtain an extra profit is to sell all provided services in a complex. Thus, such firm organized the whole holiday and gets an additional payment for it.

Turkey can serve as the most exemplary country of successful collaboration between state and private companies in the sphere of providing tourist services. The market of such services is the second-large in this country. As a result of thought-out cooperation between large business entities and the state government the country's the country’s budget annually replenishes with considerable incomes.

Another important aspect of the further development and ubiquitous utilization of this policy in the major resort and rest areas of the globe is the contribution to the development of the local agricultural and catering sectors. To be more exact, permanent maintenance of the all-included facilities necessitate permanent deliveries of the beverages, foodstuff and the related commodities. The consumption of these goods is considerably higher than in the areas in where the clients are not granted the full package of the all-included services.

Success of providing such services is confirmed by long-term practice of such companies as: Aban Loyd, Chiles Offshore Ltd., Alcatraz Media, Inc., Crown Limited Crown Limited and etc.

The Disadvantages of the Policy

In this part of the work the motion concerning the successfulness will undergo criticism. The main arguments will be analyzed using the relevant theories.

The first argument against such type of service is its cost. The indisputable fact is that exercising an independent trip to your favorite country you spend much less than if you decide to by the all included tour.

Second, but also quiet important is the quality of services. One of latest scandals occurred in Bulgaria when after check by the National agency on safety of a food it appeared that is more than a third of all hotels working on system "all included", used overdue products. Similar cases were both in Egypt, in Turkey, and even in Spain. That’s why it is strongly advisable to carry out careful check the reputation of tourist companies and hotels, and, of course, it is necessary to be interested in opinion of people who have already had a rest in such places.

Third argument is that the person is deprived of choice. Almost in all cases the client can choose only the vacation spot and hotel. As for a carrier, insurance company and still a set of issues, in this case such offers are uncontested. Although you can choose the hotel only by the way of looking through some catalogues, while if you independently arrived on the vacation spot, you can directly to examine the hotel.

One of the most crying disadvantages of the policy is integrally connected with the mandatory regular government inspections. Since the suppliers deliver the commodities uncontrollably, it is particularly difficult to classify them and to ascertain whether all delivered samples entirely meet the obligatory healthy requirements. One of the most notorious examples took place in 2002 in Taba, the resort area situated on the borders of Egypt and Israel, when the Egypt health ministry declared its failure to inspect a line of hotels due to the “abundance of the foodstuff and the beverages of the unknown origin”. As a result, the activity of the hotels were paralyzed and the customers have been indemnified.

Personal opinion

As far as my personal opinion is concerned, it should be mentioned that based on all previous mentioned it’s necessary to assure that despite the existence of numerous shortcomings nowadays the system "all included" is most suitable and conventional. The long-term practice of famous and successful companies proves the prospects of further development of this sphere and compliance of its conditions to requirements of modern clients. All mentioned disadvantages can be freely solved by applying an additional control and the application of new technologies. With support of the state governments and provided the fair competition the all included type of tourism will be successfully developed and the increasing number of wishing can fell all its undisputable advantages.

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