The New Woman

The American cultural aspect that I will highlight in this project is “The New Woman.” This movement came at the end of the 19th century and brought significant rise of feminism in a man’s world. Their aims were quite serious, especially as the suffragette, as they actively sought independence and fulfillment. The New Woman was a fully integrate state of being, from appearance to demeanor and beyond.

To fully reflect their approach in appearance and demeanor, I propose to utilize a presentational style that pulls from the same arsenal of the New Woman. In effect, I will draw a picture that reflects the meaning, breath, and overall aesthetic response of the New Woman. I intend to employ visual statements to make the image as clear as possible. I have a firm belief that images can evoke a sense of meaning and intention in lucid ways where words and numbers often fail. A drawn image, a piece of art, will more easily and quickly show the essence of the New Woman. There will be a strong sense of clarity in the image, yet underlying fragility in its nature – it is, after all, art. 

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My goal is to provide a snapshot of American culture as an overarching metaphor that crosses through the boundaries of history. I wish to invoke a sense of timelessness in the image of the New Woman, and provide a lens through which we may find it relevant today. Perhaps the drawing will isolate renewed ideas of this cultural member in our society today. In a today’s world of an individual’s, minority’s, or an entire culture’s prosecution and liberation, I believe that this figure has a metaphorical relevance. My intention was to express why I put this figure in the first place, which identify a renaissance women’s movement from non-equal to equal place, and allow others to place image around their cultures. 

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