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The Cold War

The basic difference between the Soviet Union and United States that led to cold war was the issue of human rights. The picture that reflects the desperate efforts of thousands of people moving from socialized states to Europe also contributed to start of the cold war. When World War II ended, the enemies of the Soviet Russia claimed that their people engaged in forced labor, and their health deteriorated in the Soviet camps.

This situation caused a list of disagreements between the US and the Soviet Union that later lead to the Cold War.  The other fundamental detail is that the Soviet Union wanted to spread their communist influence and expand their borders worldwide. The US did not agree with this idea of this expansion and intended to stop this act from happening. This led to both sides using all means to accomplish their mission hence, made the Cold War start.  The other difference is that the Soviet Union supported organization that wanted to overthrow the present government. On the other hand, the US did not concur with the idea whether it was democratic; they wanted the Soviet Union to become a part of the anti-communist movement to get their support.

This made the US and the USSR to threaten each other, using the nuclear weapons in the Cold War. However, the destruction did not take place because of good leadership. The outcome of World War II affected the Cold War when the temporary alliance between Communism and liberal Democracy defeated Fascism leading to the beginning of the Cold War. The liberal democracy involved states such as US and Canada, while Fascism included Germany and Italy. The Soviet Union acted as the Communistic system. The new technology that involved the use of atomic bombs affected the Cold War because nations wanted to discover the technology and majority became secretive. When Communism joined the Soviet Union in 1918, the US did not trust them, because their goal was to fail capitalism using any means that could possibly cause the Cold War.

When the World War II ended, countries such as France and US shared a portion of Germany. The Soviet Russia was against the idea, because it was afraid Germany would turn out to be aggressive and powerful. To stop this, they blocked Berlin, and this forced the US to use planes to supply food to Berlin hence led to the Cold War. The reaction of the American public in response to the Cold War is that they wanted the national military to provide security to safeguard their country in the future. Americans responded to the Cold War by assisting free people to find their destiny. The Anti-communists reacted in a way that it made them have a strong impact on political views by fighting against Communism.

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In general, the Cold War changed the developing countries in a way that it made other states develop stereotypes. This referred to such states as the third world countries, because of the poor condition of life in them. It defined the countries living in poverty by adopting ways in which they could attain and develop their economy. There were states, such as African and Asian states, that were enabled by the Cold War to connect or assist them in their poverty status.

In my opinion, the Cold War could be avoided earlier if the US and Britain could not attempt to calm down Stalin. This process appeasing began earlier when the British betrayed Poland, while the US revealed their indecisive leadership. As a result, they could not avoid the Cold War, because it became a part of history that incorporated millions of decisions involving hundreds of people’s lives. This could not be reverted since it facilitated the Cold War to proceed.

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