The Benefits of Globalization


Globalization, described as the process of international integration which arises from products, ideas, interchange of world views and cultural aspects has many benefits to the locals, government and private organization. Across cultures of macro-social forces, globalization describes the interplay. The macro-social forces described include religion, economics and politics. It has eroded and universalized characteristics of many local groups. Globalization has led to the advancement in telecommunication and transport systems and application of internet services. Development of globalization has led to increase in trade across national boundaries, companies importing materials from differed countries, a single company selling products in different countries and simplification of import and export procedures. Globalization has contributed positively to socials and economic life of many local groups.

Employment Opportunities

Globalization has helped in the creation of employment opportunities to many people across the world. The emergency of new companies and improvement in communication and transport system has led to the creation of many job vacancies. People have been employed by an international organization, which could not have employed them without globalization increase. Globalization has led to emergency of many manufacturing companies and provision of services by one company in different countries. Currently, international organizations have emerged, providing services in different continents. International banks like Barclays provide services in many countries across the world. Other companies like Microsoft, Nike, Amazon and Goggle provides services across the world (Appiah, 17).

Establishment of a foreign company in a country means that the company will employ locals within the country. Many third world countries had few companies, which could not offer employment to all citizens. Foreign investors create employment opportunities to the locals. For example, G4S Security Company operates in different countries, in Africa but with headquarters in United Kingdom. The company employs locals from the operating country and not UK citizens. In general, G4S has helped in employing many people who could be jobless without the company investing in the country. Many Companies in China provide services in many countries. They create employment opportunities to locals, but without globalization, they could only be employing Chinese citizens (Schumpter, 7).

Creation of employment is one of the benefits of globalization, but some companies exploit human resources. The companies provide employment with little compensation. Other companies employ professional people to undertake casual jobs. Locals in many countries remain desperate and seek any form of a job. For example, G4S employs graduates to serve as a security guard in third world countries, but this does not occur in United Kingdom. Finance, Engineering and Social Science graduates are employed and deployed to provide guarding services. Though, globalization has led to the creation of employment opportunity, locals are exploited (Blanding, 17). 

Availability of Goods and Services

Characteristics of globalization include companies providing services and goods in different countries and procuring of materials from multiple countries. Globalization has enabled companies to manufacture products and export them to different countries. For example, Nike and Puma provides services to many countries. Currently, many people across the world wear and use Puma and Nike products. Due to lowered trade barriers and simplified export and import procedures people import products from companies in different countries and sells to the locals.

Globalization has enabled locals in each country to have access of goods and services without delay. Countries import goods and services, which they do not manufacture. For example, Chinese Contractors have been hired to construct roads and building in many countries. Countries hire Chinese Contractors due to their experience and professionalism. Retailers import products from manufacturing countries and sell to the locals. This ensures availability of products to consumers. Many locals can not travel to manufacture, but the retails import and sell products at a lower price. Establishment of manufacturing companies in different countries has enabled the locals to have products, which they could not have, without increased globalization. For example, the Coca Cola Company has extended in many countries and manufactures beverages to the locals (Lagece, 13). Globalization ensures availability of products and services to the consumer at the right time.

The increase in manufacturing companies, which ensures availability of goods and services to the locals, also leads risks like counterfeit and consumer exploitation. Globalization has led to emergency of many companies and increased competition. This makes some companies manufacture counterfeit products and sell at a lower price in order to attract more people. Consumers end up buying counterfeit products, which serve for short time thinking that they have purchased the original. For example, in the phone industry, many Chinese Companies manufacture counterfeit phones. They produce Nokia and Samsung products though they do not have a license. They sell products at a lower price than the original Nokia phone, and this attracts many people. Availability of products and services to the consumer has led to manipulation and exploitation of consumers (Cohen, 10).

Higher income

Foreign investors contribute to government revenues through payment of taxes. Exporters and importers also pay taxes which increase government income. The taxes collected are used by the local government in the creation of new infrastructures. Increase in government revenue leads to lowering of prices and creation of job opportunities by the central government. Globalization has led to the development of many countries, which had unstable economy. Establishment of a company in a certain country requires payment of a certain fee to the government (Nye, 6). The company employees pay taxes to the government.

Foreign investors also have their companies managed by chief executive officer from the country in which the company operates. The employees and managers of the company get more income than they could have got from the local companies. Most developing companies claim that globalization leads to exploitation and misuse of poor countries resources by superpower, but developing countries can not develop over night. They claim that the superpowers provide products at high prices and use human power to generate their income. The superpowers help in generation of income to the developing countries. Availability of goods and services in a country ensures a continued market flow, which leads to generation of more income through generation of profit and payment of taxes. Improvement of international trade creates new opportunities to retailers. Emergency of many retailers in a country adds government revenues through contribution of tax (Blanding, 14).

Improved Living Conditions

Globalization has led to improvement of education, health, and social systems. Many people have changed their living condition due to availability of high income and job opportunities. Improvement of healthcare and education systems has taken place in many third world countries. Interaction between different communities from different countries has led to change in cultural practices. Many communities in the world have adopted western cultural and abandoned their original culture. Importation of products and establishment of e-commerce has led to adaptation of new dressing styles. People import new cloths from western countries (Sen, 13).

Currently, many organizations invest in other countries by the provision of the healthcare system. Nongovernmental organizations also create health care system in the developing countries. Countries import healthcare infrastructures from the countries which manufacture. The countries, which do not have professional to handle certain health problems, have their patients transferred to foreign countries to receive medical services. Companies like Liverpool provide healthcare to people in remote areas. Availability of medical services to the local and poor people has enabled many people to survive. Health people contribute in building national economy. Availability of health care facilities enables locals to receive medical services and remain healthier hence poverty reduction through contribution to economy building (Hanna, 12).

Education systems have also been improved due to globalization. Emergency of foreign universities and colleges has taken place in third world countries. For example, most of the United States Universities operate in Africa like the United States International University (USIU).  The universities create education opportunities to local students. The emergency of many universities has led to increased number of students advancing to university level of education. Investment of foreign university has encouraged local investors to start new private universities. This ensures that each country has enough universities to accommodate the students graduating from high school. The universities offer different programs like Health, Engineering, Information Technology, Social Sciences and Education among others. After graduation, students secure official jobs in government and private sector, and this leads to high living conditions. Availability of education reduces poverty in a community. After receiving university education, an individual can apply the knowledge gained and utilize the use of available resources available (Lagece, 8).

After college, children take care of the old people in the society. Availability of foreign universities in thirds world countries has helped in the creation of foreign job opportunities to fresh graduates. Students from a remote area join universities in urban areas and migrate from villagers. This reduces rural population creating enough farming land. People opt to stay in the cities and build houses in cities instead of building in rural areas. People in rural areas have enough land for cultivation (Cohen, 7). This enables them to have high agricultural yield. They sell their products and improve living standards. In the near future rural areas will develop like cities. People in rural areas will generate more income and fund for services which are available in urban areas.

Interaction of people from different communities has led to change in cultural practices. Intermarried takes place between people of different nations and races. After intern-marriage people share cultures. The abandon the inappropriate practices and adopt beneficial practices. Many African people have intermarried with European American people giving birth to a new generation. Interaction between many people has also led to the establishment of new religious groups and practices. Most communities in the world have adopted western dressing style and abandoned their traditional dresses (Nye, 5). The exchange of ideas has also led to change in economic life. People change from farming to manufacturing industries. Globalization has helped people to improve their living conditions by adopting with the favorable practices and abandoning the inappropriate practices.

Technological Changes

Globalization has led to improvement and emergency of new technology, which enables local people to communicate and carry out transaction in remote areas. Currently, many countries manufacture mobile phones, which have led availability of the phones at a lower price. The poor can manage to buy a mobile phone which shortens the distance. Instead of travelling people pass the message from their local areas. Mobile phones also help in carrying out business transaction. Banking sectors process their transaction using mobile phone. In order for companies to work effectively, they established a technological system which enable customers to process their transaction through mobile phone at their remote areas. People can order for goods using mobile phone and process payments, which save transportation cost. It also helps in reduction of the loss which could occur has a result of theft. Banks have also introduced mobile banking, which enables people to withdraw and deposit money to bank account using mobile phone. Mobile banking enables people to receive services from banks outside their country. Advancement in technology has led to the introduction of plastic money (Appiah, 3). People use Master Cards and Visa to carry out international money transfer.

Globalization has led to increased use of internet. A lot of Social Medias and online trade centre exist. People carry out transactions online, and communicate to friends and business partners from different parts of the world. Advance use of internet services enables people to have access of products and services which they could not receive. Social Medias like Facebook, Tweeter and Google among other enables people to interact, share opinion and exchange business ideas. People communicate online using Social Medias and safe communication expenses. People sale their products online to customers from other countries. In order to develop online trade, people established payment merchants like PayPal, Money Bookers and Alert Pay among others. Improvement in technology has enabled many universities to start online education, which enables people to earn their degrees from local areas. Instead of migrating to other countries, people use their computer and internet to study at home. This has enabled many local people to go back to school. Globalization has led to improvement of technology which has enabled many people to invest online by selling products using online merchants (Schumpter, 4). 


Globalization has many benefits to local people but has some disadvantages. The Superpower Countries establish companies and employ children from Third World Countries. The companies also exploit people by giving out little salaries (Blanding, 5).  Globalization has led to increased use of the internet, which makes young people to visit anti-social sites and develop deviant behavior. It also leads to importation of illegal drugs and product.


Globalization has benefited local people economically, socially and physically. People should utilize the opportunities emerging as a result of globalization. Internationals investors should be encouraged to invest since they add up to government revenues through taxation. The Superpowers should not use the opportunities they have to exploit the poor countries. People should help each other to develop and progress in life.

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