Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are soft-stimulus drinks commonly consumed across the world. These are highly preferred beverages while their flavor and stimulation properties are key factors that increase the rate at which they are consumed. They have much in common, although there exist some contrasting differences between the two items as well. This essay is aimed at comparing and contrasting tea and coffee.

Both tea and coffee are naturally trees. They are pruned to reduce their height. In addition, pruning increases productivity of tea and coffee plants. They are both stimulus drinks which are legally accepted all over the world. Caffeine is the key component in both coffee and tea; this substance is responsible for stimulation. Both tea and coffee are usually served hot; however, some individuals prefer the cold or iced versions of these beverages, which also possess some popularity among appreciators.

The drinks are commonly consumed at any time of the day, although morning is the most preferable time of day for stimulation purpose. When taken in large quantities, tea and coffee can be dangerous and addictive in nature. Lastly, the two trees perform effectively in highland with cold and wet climates.

There are various differences between coffee and tea. First, tea was discovered at around 2737 BC in China; coffee was discovered in the 9th century AD, in Ethiopia. Second, coffee trees have two harvesting seasons while tea is usually harvested throughout the year; although the level of its productivity changes with seasons. Another distinction between the two is as follows: while coffee berries are harvested for the purpose of producing coffee drinks, tea leaves are gathered in this case.

When preparing tea, the method used is steeping while coffee is usually brewed. As far as caffeine content is concerned, tea is considered to contain half as much this substance as coffee. After harvesting, coffee and tea are dried before they are in consumable state. However, it is clear that coffee must be roasted. 

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