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The letter of K. Seisinger reflects on the writing class outcomes based on the last three months’ work. It is written in the formal style of a business letter and highlights a number of the author’s achievements that the addressee should notice. The letter’s tone is respectful but a little pushing as if the author were forced to find counterarguments to someone’s particularly strong accusations. However, this minor flaw does not prevent the letter from being convincing with regard to the course outcome. The genuine sincerity makes up for a number of mechanical errors and overly long sentences. Most obviously, these are results of a letter being written in a rush and without proper proofreading.

All prompts for the assignment are sufficiently addressed. Moreover, the author cites many of the expected class outcomes just too obviously. The evidence in favor of all the objectives being reached, however, might benefit from a more detailed substantiation. Some phrases are too general and even look detached from the author’s personal opinion. On top of this, there is a part that could definitely use some clarification. In the very beginning of the letter, the author has tried to outline the course results with regard to the writing style changes. There is just too much information jammed into a few sentences, which resulted in the slightly incoherent paragraph.

Some phrases also could be less casual. There are a number of expressions, such as “Also that peer review is a great thing” and “What grade do I deserve? That is a great question”, which could make the reader smile but are not appropriate for the business letter. In addition, the whole paper requires a thorough proofreading. The content is reasonably well structured, but a good one-half of the letter could be stylistically adjusted to comply with the formal requirements.

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