Organizing Party

Students’ Attraction to Party Events

Students undoubtedly love party events as they offer some fun away from the boredom of books and lectures. Some students literally look forward to these parties over weekends and can do anything to catch one. Apart from entertainment, students benefit immensely from these parties as it helps to build their social lives. In fact, many couples would admit having met for the first time in college parties. Although most student parties are hardly organized and often end up in grumbles, they can be designed in such a manner that they positively impact on the lives of the participants. For example, the organizers can call upon special guest to talk to students about issues that really matter to them. As a matter of fact, students will be more attentive given that one has left his or her comfort to talk to them. Indeed, it will be clear to them that the speech is not coming from an ordinary orator, but one with students’ interests at heart (Steinberg, 1993).

Students are best attracted to parties by the prospect of meeting someone new. It is the reason why organizers of such events should always consider inviting students of both gender in order to spice it up. In case the party is meant for one gender, the invitation should not be limited to people too familiar with one another. Rather, the organizers should invite other groups of students with whom the organizing group can best relate. This will significantly increase the level of participation and encourage every student to take an active role in every activity. However, if persons of both genders are accepted to the party event, it will even make more sense considering most students are still single and do not mind mingling with their colleagues. In particular, ladies will certainly love to attend a male dominated party event just to showcase their new dresses or a new pair of shoe. This is the reality that organizers of student party events should consider in their preparations. There are high chances that people will begin to troop out of the party venue when the most important events are completed. That is why organizers should target to keep the participants engaged throughout the entire session. And the best way to ensure this will be to give them a chance to interact. Although these interactions may end up with some unacceptable behavior, especially when drinks are available, they may just provide students with some of the best lessons in life. Most students argue that it is better if they behaved badly in their youth instead of waiting to learn from experience when one has a family. That is why their behavior at the events should not really matter given that most of it is expected. Essentially, inviting a wide range of guests to a student party event will significantly attract students’ participation in the event. Students stand to gain socially as well as academically from their interactions with their colleagues (Blythe, 1992).

Students tend to attend parties that are well publicized and whose purposes are well communicated on time. It should be noted that young people love to associate with big and classy things. This will provide a good reason to actively publicize the event to attract as many people as possible. Even if the organizers feel the party will not be too classy, their choice of words for publicity could just play the trick. They should give an impression that everyone is going to attend and that there will be lots of fun for those who attend. In addition, the choice of the venue for the party event should be quite strategic such that students do not travel for long distances to get there. Ideally, most students do not have private cars and the venue should be alive to this fact. Besides, this will make it easy for them to leave at pleasure and get back to school safely even under the influence of alcohol. Nonetheless, the venue should provide the much-needed confidentiality away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, most students would be comfortable with places where their parents would hardly be found at the time of the party. In as much as most parents may not have a problem with their children attending students’ parties, students may wish to hide some truths about their personal lives from their parents. This would make it ideal to take the party to a nice hotel slightly away from town where no one can just pope in at will. The other important factor that is likely to boost attendance is the time. As a matter of fact, students prefer party events slated for early evenings, but which run till early morning. This provides enough time for partying such that when the party ends everyone will have accomplished everything they could. Even if it was pursuit of a new girl, one would have made significant gains by the early morning the following day (Watts, 2003).

Meeting Students Expectations

The most significant expectation for students attending a party event is to have fun and enjoy every bit of their time at the event. This should be the focus of the organizers so that students do not leave the party complaining of ineptitude. For example, there should be well coordinated assistance given to students to ensure that they are properly attended to. This should begin at the point of ushering where hospitable services will have to come in handy. Students attending the party should feel that they own it and that they are the guests. Even if other special guests have been invited to the event, organizers should not forget that the party was meant for them and should be treated as such. This, however, is not to say that special guests can be treated with little respect as though they gate-crushed. Being a students’ event, students will expect that organizers will go out of their way to ensure that everything is organized in such a way that suits them. Students also expect to be offered food or drinks at party events. In fact, this is what they call party as it gives them the opportunity to begin interacting with colleagues in the same table. As time goes by, they begin to feel more comfortable and courageous enough to approach someone in different tables for a chat. Indeed, organizers should facilitate interaction by making easy for one to move from one table to another to meet a person of their interest. Ideally, party tables are usually made round as this makes it easy for one to see everyone in their table. It makes it possible for students in an entire table to easily communicate with one another while keeping an eye contact. This would certainly make their interaction more lively and appealing. In some instances, organizers may insist on arranging the tables such that students of particular gender are not secluded in a table. In fact, the event may have to be stopped for a moment to urge people to mingle, especially if it is a party for students just joining college. This will make the party to meet students’ expectations with regards to socializing and merry-making (Gagarin, 1989).

Advantages of Organizing a Party

Students’ parties serve to foster team spirit among students and make them more sociable. These parties are basically supposed to expose them to a different environment from the regular atmosphere of their lecture halls. This is in recognition that too much serious reading without time for relaxation is likely to impact negatively on students’ lives. It should be noted that after graduation, students will be expected to apply their practical skills in the society. Thus, they should be exposed to the society of students outside the classroom in order to widen their socialization skills. It will be disastrous to have students with immense knowledge in their respective careers, but cannot work around other people. It will not make any sense that they went to college in the first place. This is the reason why students’ organizations take pride in organizing these events and other co-curricular activities. They realize that while lecturers are paid to impart knowledge in students, there are certain life’s lessons that students cannot learn in the lecture hall. They basically have to go out and interact with their colleagues outside the classroom in order to learn some of these things. Through social interaction, students are able to appreciate their diversity of thoughts as well as background. In fact, students who take part in students’ parties are less likely to discriminate against fellow students on any basis as they understand life better. Student parties help students develop a realistic approach to life as well a respect colleagues for what they are (Attenborough, 1922). 

Disadvantages of Students’ Parties

Students’ parties have introduced students to bad character and other illegal activities. When students go partying, they meet different kinds of students who may not mean well for their character. As a result, they end up adopting bad behavior that may become detrimental to their lives in the long time. According to literature, most drug traffickers adopted the idea in college when they went for students’ events. The fact is that such students use social events of any nature to promote their illegal businesses and they may just rope in any innocent student. In addition, the extreme sense of freedom that students may feel away from their parents as well as lecturers is likely to cause students to engage in immoral practices. As a matter of fact, it may look normal for students to engage in sexual intercourse with multiple partners during parties because it may look fashionable and the opportunity may just present itself. In such a case, it will take extreme discipline for a student to resist the temptation. This may get worse if the students too drunk to have control of the situation. In the end, they are likely to contact infections that they may not have wished for. As for ladies, these are prime areas for getting unwanted pregnancies. These should be good reasons for organizers of such parties to be cautious as they plan for students’ party events (Aquinas, 1988).

In conclusion, students undoubtedly love party events as they offer some fun away from the boredom of books and lectures. They are attracted to parties by the prospect of meeting someone new. It is the reason why organizers of such events should always consider inviting students of both gender in order to spice it up. These events are beneficial considering the fact that students who take part in students’ parties are less likely to discriminate against fellow students on any basis as they understand life better. However, caution should be taken as these parties have in the past introduced students to bad character and other illegal activities. 

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