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Masculine and Feminine Journeys of Heroism


Being a strong woman with a large sense of individual responsibility, she takes any opportunity as it comes in benefiting her and others. In the event she doesn’t know what she truly wants, she definitely seeks advice from her friends. As seen from the play, she confided in her friend about her concerns for the female sex.

Whenever her friends helped in pushing her to a challenge, she would fight back to overcome that particular challenge. This is seen from the way she restored order during a confrontation between the old men and old women. These were people she stood for and allowed the magistrate to question her. If she gets helpers and assistants, she can achieve great things as in the play. With support from Lampito, she was persuaded other women to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands as a way of making them bring the interminable Peloponnessian war to an end.

She is influenced to work even harder to achieve higher by small taste of success. This is clearly seen in the play where she tells the magistrate that war will be a woman’s business from now on. This was after the old women seized Acropolis and the engage in a confrontation with old men. Other women felt proud and more confident in themselves after this success. According to the play, her current goals are truly what she wants. She is so concerned about female sex; hence, she called for a meeting from several states in Greece.

Any moment she faces obstacles, she fight her way out and overcomes the obstacles. In the play, the women were somehow reluctant in making an oath but she managed to convince them. In the path of rebellion, she would withdraw and follow her heart. In the play, we are told that she was concerned with female sex, and she remained sure about her feelings. Any time she was in the path of awakening and things seemed to be falling apart, she would hang on, but face reality and find a way. For warnings and prophecies, she would confront them. This is shown in the play when she explains to the magistrate about the frustrations of women.

Whenever she raged against death and fought her own transformation, she would emerge even stronger. This is shown in the play on how strong she is when she returned on stage with some news when old men and women were still debating. She restored their discipline. When humbled, she would remain calm and patient as evidenced in the play where she returned to the Acropolis and continued waiting for the men to surrender.

She is rebellious. She knows what she wants and pushes forward to influence others towards achieving that goal. She is also willing to help others. In the play, she confined in her friend about her concerns for the female sex.

In her masculine and feminine journey, she came along with other women to success and reconciliation. Thus, she shared her experience and goal with other women. Her awakening made her stronger and reminded her of the past errors in judgment when she had called for a meeting at the beginning of the play. In her new model, she finds strength and courage. In this story, Lysistrata was successful thus achieving her goal together with other women, hence, togetherness is strength.

The Beauty and the Beast

When Bell has a false sense of security and trapped in a negative world that stops her growth, she calmed down and adapted to the new environment. In the story, she is pure at heart. When her father lost his wealth in a tempest at the sea and later asked her three daughters if they would want some gifts, her two eldest sisters asked for jewels and fine dresses but she was satisfied with a promise of rose.

It happens that everything important is taken away from her and she can’t make excuses for what happened. She finds another way out and tries to get back on her feet. In the story, she used the ring to return to the beast when she discovered that the beast was lying half dead.

She realizes her coping strategy is of no use at all. She gets bored and tries to escape. This is shown in the story when she became homesick and begged the beast to allow her to visit her family after failing to find the prince. She also makes decisions for herself and stand firm. This is evident when she decided to return to the beast and later get married.

In the event of facing her fears, she tries to find her way out. This is shown when she became homesick.  When she feels that her weapons won’t work, she keeps off and tries to find another option. As presented in the story, she felt guilty when she broke her promise to the beast and later decided to go back.

When she comes to a point that she thinks her journey is over, she stays strong take advantage of any prevailing opportunity. This is seen in the story when she broke her promise and felt that it was over only to discover that the beast was laying half-dead around the rose bushes her father had stolen from him, she went back to the beast. The moment supporting characters wanted her to go back, she would give in. in one incident, her sisters begged her to stay for another day yet it was a must for her to return to the beast.

She is contended with whatever she has and accepts situations as they come.  In the story, we are told that she was lovely and pure at heart. She accepted the promise of rose from her father. She is also strong, follows her heart, and works towards achieving her goal. We are informed that she continues searching for the prince whom she thought was a captive in the castle.

She is also interested in her past experiences and analyzes how far she has come. In the story, this is shown when she began feeling guilty about breaking the promise she made to the beast.

Through her masculine and feminine journey, it turns out to be a dramatic event and she travelled through a path of allowance with obstacles. She is awakened in the beginning after getting the rose, when she realized that she had never had powers. At the end, she finds heart in her new model and finds courage. This story therefore teaches us to always follow our hearts and we will surely emerge victors.

Lancelot: Knight of the Cart

Lancelot has a false sense of security and trapped in a negative world that stops his growth. He however struggles to secure himself. In the story, he was a warrior who fought to create a balance of being both a warrior and bound by the convention of courtly love.

Any moment everything important was taken away from him and he could not make excuses for what happened, he would calm down and fight to get back to his feet. In the story, Lancelot is a strong person. He went to rescue the queen after she was abducted by the son of Bademagu, Meleagant.

When she realized that his coping strategy was of no use at all, he instantly changed his strategies and came up with a new one. In the story, he hesitated when he was riding a cart since he knew that his social status would be crushed. He then proceeded to the castle of the perilous bed.

Through his awakening, Lancelot ends up ruining his reputation as well as tarnishing that of his king. Therefore, he was a criminal whose crime remained unknown. In addition, most of his actions were determined by his affairs and relationship than conventional social norms of the time.

Through his masculine and feminine journey, Lancelot followed a linear line with clear beginning, middle and at the end he ruined his reputation. He managed to prove himself to the public. In this story, there is one major climax and he traveled through obstacles and resistance. Lastly, he manages to find strength in his new model in addition to the courage he had.

JMS’s Spider-Man

In a false sense of security and trapped in a negative world that stops his growth, he fights tirelessly until he regains his strength. In the story, he was caught in many traps with different villains who were even more powerful, but in one way or the other, he managed to emerge the winner.

When his coping strategy is of no use at all, he never gives up. In the story, he encountered an identity problem in that despite always trying to do right, he always turned out to be suspected by the authorities who were not sure whether he was helpful or wise criminal. He continued with his mission of helping people.

Through awakening, the spider man was misunderstood and rejected by the same public that he always tried to protect.  This led to his failure in that it reached a state where he could no longer earn any more money from the public by performing. The spider man was trying to confront the evils and gave protection to the public. However, he ended up failing since he was branded by the authorities as an outlaw.

Through his masculine and feminine journey, the spider man manages to follow a linear line with clear beginning, middle but the end is not that smooth. He managed to prove himself to the public for sometimes but later he failed as the public itself prosecuted him.  In this story, there is one major climax. He traveled through obstacles and resistance. Lastly, he manages to find strength in his new model and also courage.

From this story, political tension is evident as well as evil deed of the time.  Spider man turned out to be a superhero and most equivalent conforming to the world of youths.

In conclusion, all of the main characters in these stories did their best to achieve different goals and showed their heroism. In the story of Lysistrata, she started by admitting her feelings of concern for the female sex and ended up mobilizing them to emerge victors. She overcame all the obstacles and resistance until she succeeded in her goal.

In the story, the beauty and the beast, Belle showed her heroism when she fought hard to get what she always wanted. She overcame obstacles and resistance to end up getting married to her love, the prince who earlier in the story had been turned into a beast by a fairy.

In another story, Knight of the Cart, Lancelot as the main character also showed his heroism. He rescued the queen after she had been abducted by Meleagant. Despite the obstacles and resistance; he struggled for a balance between being a warrior and a lover bound by conventions of courtly love. Lastly, in the story of Spider man, he showed his heroism when he moved on with his duty of trying to protect and help the public despite being misunderstood by the authorities and even the public itself. 

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