Japan is a country which has a tremendously remarkable history of development, which resulted in its unique kinds of cultural, ethic and social values. Moreover, this system has dramatically changed in the last century. The industrialization time which copied the examples of industrialization of the West started after abolishing the feudalism. As a result, the country has changed into a state with centralized government, transformed legal system, modern economy, renewed military system etc (Junka, 2008). Family values have always played an increasingly huge role in Japanese society. Family has been a place where children were provided with education. Originally, a child is educated by his parents, who form his manners and attitudes towards everything in life. According to the political system, Japan is a constitutional monarchy with the Emperor on the head. A bicameral parliament called “The National Diet” is considered to be the main legislative organ and consists of the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors. The most notable thing that is associated with the Japanese population is its unique attitude towards suicide which is the most spread cause of death among people who are younger than thirty years.

Japan has the third largest and well-developed national economic system in the world (The USA takes the first place, and China takes the second place). Japanese economy had reached its golden time in 1991 and faced another hit which lasted in economic recession of 1991-2000. It had recovered but faced a terrible earthquake on March, 2011, which was one of the most terrible cases of the nuclear power explosions. Japan is on of the most technologically developed country with a huge industrial potential in producing vehicles, different kinds of metals and foods. This country is a great exporting partner with such countries as South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States etc. It exports vehicles, transport, chemicals, technology, etc. Japan hosts a number of huge corporations such as Seven&Holdings Corporation, Toyota, Canon, Panasonic, which make this country the market capital of the world.

If to speak about the relations between the government and business, they are organized by numerous channels most of which are formed by a number of ministries (the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of International Trade, etc.). The ministries have the responsibility of setting policies and taxes and controlling the central bank of the country. Japan has increasingly low costs of starting a company, especially in the last 8-10 years.

The financial risks always exist. There is no way of leading a business without risking; the thing is how big the possibility of losing everything is. Considering all of the mentioned, starting a business in Japan seems to be a good idea because of the financial potential and low taxes. The government does interfere in the private sector of business, but it just helps to regulate the whole business system and won’t make much harm. The only problem in organizing a bank company is to choose a representative which will make your presence unnecessary for the full activity in the country, as your own presence may be not only problematic concerning the language aspect, but also cultural one, as no one can feel more comfortable in leading business in Japan than a Japanese. My overall assessment of opening an office in Japan is positive due to the numerous advantages and financial opportunities that it can bring to both managers, stakeholders, and simple workers. Moreover, I think that Tokyo, the financial centre of Japan, is the most suitable place for this project. Running a business in this country will give access to partnership with the world economy leaders and the world biggest economic corporations.  Because of wide varieties of possibilities for communication via Internet, the presence of managers is completely not obligatory, so it will transform opening of the office in Japan into a less problematic task.

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