Harry Potter and the New Adventures

 If a video has to be chosen for the humor orientation session, it should definitely be this amazing Harry Potter story. This is not just a simple hilarious gag, but also an example of a bit more inventive and sophisticated humor. With a bit of creative approach and reference to the world-famous franchise, this video will be understood by all the employees and remembered for quite a while.

Each person, no matter how old she/he is, has at least heard of Harry Potter, many have seen at least one film, and some are huge fans. Therefore, the characters of the video will be familiar to all the employees. Many will later show this video to their kids, who are mostly the Harry Potter fans. As a result, the video will be an additional positive experience that employees will not only share at work, but also bring home.

Another advantage of this video is its’ creative humorous content. The tune is catchy, which means that people will keep singing it for a while. The song requires a number of participants and the occasional “performance” during coffee breaks will add to the video’s bonding effect. At the same time, the lyrics can be used at various occasions and can become local corporate jokes.

This video has to be selected for the humor orientation session because it combines a number of strong elements: references to pop culture, catchy music, and funny phrases. It can become a truly bonding and fun experience for all the employees.

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